The Singing Competition

      With the aim to strengthen classes of collective sense and honor, a class song competition was held on 17th , April. All international senior students crowded in the lecture hall, being ready to present everyone their original class songs, class badges and class mascots.Senior three students, who will graduate in June and receive further education in different parts of the world, were the first three teams. It might be the last time for them to sing their class songs with their classmates together. Everyone cherished this chance and sang their songs from their hearts, with emotion. Those class songs were so moving that many senior one and senior two students said that they almost could not keep back their tears. In their class songs, dreams were told, morale was inspired, and future was depicted. They announced that their future was bright and promising by their singing and passion.

     In the following competition, both senior one and senior two students presented the best aspect of themselves to audiences. Together We Are AP1A, the class song of AP1A, which was composed originally, received a favorable response. AP1B accompanied to their song with a creative and novel percussive charge that thrilled audiences, using pens and cups.
     At the end of the competition, Mr. Ge gave a surprise performance, singing an old song, ‘Childhood’ , accompanied by Mr. Lu with guitar. In addition, the pianist, Jerry, and the lead singer, Collin, from ‘Timescore’, the school band, presented a popular song, ‘Someone Like You’.
This class competition was a great success for every class showed impressive imagination and creation, strong class cohesion and outstanding team spirit. As the class motto of CIE2B said: 'We are far beyond the infinity.'