Today, we have grown up

The high school graduates, accompanied by their parents, walked through a grand arch to take part in a coming-of-age ceremony in Suzhou Foreign Language School, March 15, 2015. A total of 85 graduates, dressed in school uniforms, attended the ceremony to be recognized as an adult for the first time.
Li Boxuan, a representative student of graduates, spoke at the ceremony. He recalled his unforgettable experiences at SFLS and thanked his teachers and his parents. And at the same time, he presented the determination and confidence to achieve his goal in the coming college entrance examination.
Gratitude is one of the Chinese traditional virtues. So an activity was organized during the ceremony, where all the students would give their parents a letter in which they were to express their thankfulness and love for their parents. Some of the mums were so moved when reading the letters that they burst into tears.
At the end of the ceremony, Mr.Ji, vice-principal of our school, delivered an inspiring speech. He urged all the graduates from that moment on to take responsibility for their own future, for their families and for society, since they were no longer children. And he sincerely wished that every one of the students would get admitted into a desirable college after the college entrance examination.