Hello, my dear friend! —— A visit to the Special Education School

      In her book《Three days to see》,Helen Keller said: “At times my heart cries out with longing to see all these things.” There are some people around us like Helen Keller, who cannot see the crystal blue sky on sunny days, or enjoy the colors of the flowers in spring, nor can they observe the starry night. When it rains, they cannot see the raindrops splashing on the ground. What they only can do is listening to the sound. They may feel the warmth of the sun, but they never can see the golden ray of sunlight. They are unfortunate, and they need our care.
      On May 13th, we went to Suzhou Special Education School to visit the blind students. On the way to the school, I kept wondering what their school life was like. As if to satisfy my curiosity, the teacher asked us to play ping pang, blindfolded. It was impossible! We could not even find the table, let alone play. However, these blind students seemed enjoyed the game very much, though they obviously could not play it properly. The table tennis room resonated with their laughter. Listening to their laughter, compared with these children, I realized how weak I had been. Many things I had thought too difficult to overcome, actually was a piece of cake. And I told myself how lucky I was and I would appreciate every day in my life.
      Later, we exchanged gifts with these blind students. What a wonderful day! I had a most important lesson in my life.