An Unforgettable and Joyful Visit to Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

Have you ever heard about the fact that even the sponge is a kind of ploy foam? Have you ever noticed that metal can have memory like human beings? Have you ever thought about glasses and magnets having forms other than solid? Have you ever been aware of the relationship between the sand and the computer? Have you ever wondered what materials scientists research on every day? With the wonders in their minds, the students in our International Department II paid a visit to Shanghai Science & Technology Museum on December 10,2014, which they say has impressed them overwhelmingly. They experienced its science education and science traveling functions and words failed to express their confirmations and compliments. They appreciated the golden opportunities of gaining science technology knowledge and spirits.
Our sincere appreciation goes to our volunteer team leaders, who are some students’ parents. They took great care of our students throughout the whole course at the cost of their valuable time. They are: Xu Yarong, Lu xiaojing,Wang Yun,Xu Jinghua,Wang Yan and Sun Yumei.
Shanghai Science & Technology Museum is the key social cultural project invested by Shanghai Government. It is the national tourist spot of AAAAA standard and important science education and leisure traveling base. Shanghai Science & Technology Museum is located on the southeast end of Century Avenue, beside Century Park in PuDong New Area. It covers an area of 68,000 square meters, a floor space of 98,000 square meters and an exhibition space of 65,500 square meters with planned visiting flow of 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 visitors per year and investment of RMB 1.755 billion Yuan.
Shanghai Science & Technology Museum opened to the public on December 18, 2001. With the theme of “Nature ·Mankind Technology”, Shanghai Science & Technology Museum works for promoting scientific and cultural quality of the whole citizens and sharpening the comprehensive competitive edges of Shanghai. Shanghai Science & Technology Museum serves for the purposes of education, research, leisure traveling, cooperation, communication, collection and production. Shanghai Science & Technology Museum currently has opened 14 thematic exhibition halls to the public. They are: World of Animals, Spectrum of Life, Spider Exhibition, Earth Exploration, Cradle of Designers, Children's Science Land, Light of Wisdom, Home on Earth, Information Era, World of Robots, Light of Exploration, Human and Health, Space Navigation(Children's Science Land and Light of Wisdom are under renovation from Jan 2010- May 2010). Apart from the above-listed, there are Chinese Ancient Science & Technology Gallery showing off Chinese ancient inventions and creations, Explorers' Gallery featuring Chinese and foreign distinguished explorers and Academicians Gallery showing off contemporary scientists of Shanghai.