Grand opening of 2014 International Young Leaders Forum

On the 24th November, 2014 International Young Leaders Forum officially opened in Suzhou foreign language school. Delegates from six countries, namely, Australia, Indonesia, Ireland, Singapore, South Korean and China, as well as teacher chaperones and principals from the seven participating schools attended this grand event.
As the year of 2014 happens to be the 20th anniversary of Suzhou Foreign Language School, the opening ceremony serves two purposes and is divided into two parts. It started with two brief videos introducing the diversity, openness and coexistence of Suzhou foreign language school and the history of International Young leaders Forum respectively. Afterwards, the principal of SFLS, Mr. Cao made an inspiring speech in both Mandarin and English to extend a sincere welcome to all the participants and teachers from different parts of the world.
One thing worth mentioning is that in a video showed in the ceremony, graduates from all over the globe, counselor of the city of Bath and principals of schools in England send their warm congratulations to appreciate the opportunities and cooperations on exchange programs provided by SFLS.
Next, there were a series of impressive performances brought by students in our school, aiming to show the unique characteristics of SFLS and the traditions of Suzhou. Suzhou foreign language school is prestigious for its multi-language environment, featuring English, Spanish, French, Arabic, German and Japanese. Most notably, the students in minor language classes impressed all the spectators with their expert pronunciation and vivid imitation in the dubbing of the movie Kongfu Panda.
The ceremony ended with a speech made by the former Principal of Hwa Chong Institution, Ang Wee Hiong. In particular, he mentioned that he can find considerable changes every time he came to SFLS.  As a pioneer who held the first IYLF, he recollected the process of the founding of the IYLF and efforts made by all member schools to create a high standard and vibrant environment and to provide students with better learning opportunities.