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   Jigsaw love

My grandma and I loved playing with jigsaw puzzles. I loved the feeling of matching two pieces together and examining how nice and natural the colors and patterns fit as if they were born to be together. And my grandma would rather match an easy puzzle and enjoy the final nice job afterwards. After all, matching by ourselves is not much fun at all; the greatest part of matching puzzles which I enjoy the most is cooperating with my grandma.          More

   The countryside

It was supposed to be a cloudless day. However, the sun had not shone through my window when I woke up in the morning. I looked out of the window with disappointment. The city seemed lifeless. Tall buildings made everything dark.
  “Darling,” my mother came into my room and turned the lights on, “why are you so unhappy?” “Yesterday I watched the weather forecast. It said today would be a sunny day, but now there isn’t any sunshine at all,” I sighed.           More

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