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   making the children laugh farther - Yangshan Kindergarten

making the children laugh farther - Yangshan Kindergarten          More

   First day at kindergarten

September 1st has the special meaning for K1 students.
The first time to be away from home to start a new journey of life bravely;
The first time to join our “family” to face tension and fear;

   End of the Year Party

In the afternoon of June 23rd, the K1 and K2 classes participated in an “End of the Year” party. Each of the foreign teachers created a fun game and atmosphere themselves.           More

   Happy Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. The mothers in our lives are truly wonderful women and we love celebrating them every year. This year to put a new spin on the traditional gifts and cards, the Chinese teachers put together something fabulous. They organized a Flea Market for the children. They brought in their gently used toys as a donation. Then, on Wednesday, all of the students brought in money and walked around and bought the toys from the other children.           More

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