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   Visit Days of Zhuyuan and Jinshan Campuses

This week, the Jinshan and Zhuyuan Kindergarten teachers visited each other’s campuses in an effort to share ideas and resources, offer suggestions, and learn from each other.           More

   Harvest Moon Celebration


   Jinshan Kindergarten: Hi kids!Easter Party is coming!

On Friday, April 3rd , 2015 the Suzhou Foreign Language School Kindergarten celebrated Easter.

We had a fantastic Easter party thanks to the participation and help of our volunteers Parents and our Chinese team. The kids had an incredible afternoon, running with daddy and mommy from Guessing game ran by CoCo Class to Cooking/Cookie Decorating, conducted by Nemo Class, Science experiments ran by Lily Class, race conducted by CiCi Class, DIY ran by YoYo Class and music conducted by Mickey Family Class.

   ZhuYuan Kindergarten: Waltz in Summer

By the time of the hot wave in early summer, the kindergarten of Suzhou Foreign Language School carried out the dream of ball”Waltz in Summer” to cater to the common demand of the children,the teachers and the parents. Actually,in various social gatherings,the ball is the primary recommendation due to its strongest appeal and the most popular.The ball is the fantastic form to create a relax and pleasant atmosphere for the interpersonal communication.Look!The children,the teacher and all of the parents are working together to create a gorge,including,the Chinese dress,music ,interpersonal communication and delicious food.

   ZhuYuan Kindergarten:Simple things that make you happy!

On Friday, May 8th, Suzhou Foreign Language School Kindergarten on Zhuyuan Campus celebratred the Western holiday of Mother's Day. Every class prepared and serenaded their loving mothers with English songs of love and care.           More

   JinShan Kindergarten: The day for our mommies!

On May 7th, 2015 the Suzhou Foreign Language School Overseas Kindergarten celebrated Mother’s Day.

   Zhuyuan Kindergarten: Happy Easter!

On April 2nd, 2015 the Suzhou Foreign Language School Kindergarten celebrated Easter.
Parents and teachers have helped and participated to our fantastic celebration. The kids had a blast all afternoon, from performing songs to making baskets, racing with eggs on a spoon and face painting.          More

   Jinshan Kindergarten:Growing plants in the classroom

To the eyes of a child, the cycle of the seasons holds many mysteries. The gentle breeze, the spring temperature, let the children explore, let’s book an appointment with nature!

   ZhuYuan Kindergarten: Happy St.Patrick's Day!

On March 17, 2015 the Suzhou Foreign Language School Kindergarten celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, a globally observed holiday and tradition. While the true origins of St.Patricks day have gotten lost among the new generation, we still celebrate the best we can. On St. Patrick ’s Day, all crafts and lesson surround themselves around leprechauns and the pot of gold that is at the end of the rainbow. Should you be lucky enough to catch a leprechaun, or find his pot of gold, he will have you a fair share of his riches.

   Zhuyuan Kindergarten: Cutting a Spring & Making a Wish


   Zhuyuan Kindergarten:Merry Christmas!

On the 24th December, all the teachers and students celebrated the imminent arrival of Christmas with a fantastic day of Christmas celebrations!
In the morning, all the students received traditional candy canes as they came into the kindergarten. The kids were excited to be receiving such a delicious gift! Then, the students spread some Christmas cheer throughout the school by visiting many other classrooms and singing to them.

   JinShan Kindergarten: The infinite originality

Life needs creativity. Do you want to build a creative workshop to let your life environment become clever and comfortable? Suzhou foreign language school kindergarten is a "creative living house" all the time in regards to creative thinking. Teacher Sophie from the UK allows the kids to feel creative in life and to come together and communicate among the different parts of life.          More

   Zhuyuan Kindergarten:Thanksgiving Parent Open Day

On 21st and 20th November all the International Classes of Suzhou Foreign Language School, Zhuyuan campus, opened their doors and let parents come in to experience a real day of classes! The kids, parents and teachers all worked hard to produce a memorable day!

   Kindergarten: Happy Halloween!

On 30th October all the boys and girls here at Suzhou Foreign Language School celebrated the spooky and exciting festival of Halloween with games, songs and dances and by wearing amazing costumes!

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