Fulfill the Educational Ideology of Master Ye and Improve Your Charisma as a Teacher

The Fifth Group Studying in the First Phase Advanced Class for Ye Shentao's Educational Ideology in Suzhou Took Place at SFLS
For the whole day on March 20th, 2015,The Fifth Group Studying in the First Phase Advanced Class for Ye Shentao's Educational Ideology in Suzhou Took Place at SFLS.
The backbone teachers and 64 principals from 61 schools in greater Suzhou came to this advanced class. Mr. Ye Shengtao, the Suzhou native educator of national fame, has left us for 30 years, but his educational ideology is still accompanying us as we move forward. 
“No matter which subject I teach, I must clearly identify the goal of that subject. In the teaching of Chinese, as an example, I must train the ability to think, and nurture the good habit of making use of words and language; in physics and chemistry I must understand nature in order to be able to manipulate subjects of nature; in the meantime I cannot forget the primary goal for every subject, and that is ‘education’---to mold them into perfect citizens.”
One of the quintessence of master Ye Shengtao’s educational ideology was “Learning how to be a person”, and upon this concept the current activity at SFLS of our dedication on being an “elegant citizen” seems to be an inheritance of his ideology.
The Principal of SFLS Mr. Cao Lunhua has integrated the educational ideology of master Ye Shengtao and gave an exciting speech on《Questions of Education》and bravely made questions in six categories--- asking about education, asking the student, the teacher, the mediator, self, and the future of education. He has brought up his own thinking of education to share his experience in many years of being the principal of SFLS, and to explore the problems in education and teaching with all the participants at this advanced class.

Mr. Yang Bin, the dean of propaganda at the Institute of Jiangsu Provincial Ye Shengtao Ideology gave a nice talk on《Introduction to the Educational Ideology of Master Ye Shengtao in “Philosophy of Life”》. Mr. Yang Bin gave very detailed illustration on the rich content of Master Ye Shengtao’s educational ideology based on his many years of research and thinking about it using seven different views:
1. View of the essence of education in “School education ought to allow the students enjoy what they’ve learned for the rest of their lives”;
2. View of the quality of education in “Nurturing good habit in education”;
3. View of the philosophy that “The goal of education is for the students no longer need education”;
4. View of the students as primary receivers in “Students are truly as the seeds of trees”;
5. View of total development in “Moral education must be integrated with the intellectual and physical education of students”;
6. View of Chinese teaching in “Chinese is the subject for the development of children’s spirit” and “Tool for living”;
7. View of teacher’s demeanor in “Teacher’s demeanor is the summation of his/her works in education”.

In the afternoon of that day at 12:40 pm, there were four branch classes which got started simultaneously. The classes included 8 subjects in Chinese、math、English、chemistry、etc. from primary to senior high school levels.

After class presentations in those four classrooms, the four experts of education in those four areas organized the participating teachers and conducted discussion groups. Then all the advanced class participants came back to the auditorium for excellent comments by those four experts in the classes.

Mr. Yang Bin also arranged work for the next phase/section of the Advanced Studying Class on the Educational Ideology of Master Ye Shengtao. The all-day conference and classes was fully enriched with high quality content such that the participants carried a lot of good things in their return to each of their work station. This Advanced Class in the Educational Ideology of Ye Shengtao also allowed our own teachers and students to immerse in the beauty of Master Ye’s Educational Ideology.