Practicality Reflection Innovation:Opening Ceremony of the 11th Annual Science-Tech and Sports Fest at SFLS

        Science and Technology carry our dreams; Sports brings quality in living. In steps with the rhythm of spring, the 11th annual Science-Tech and Sports Fest at SFLS came as we’d planned.
        The theme of the 11th Science-Tech and Sports Fest is: “Practicality Reflection Innovation”. All the students and teachers of SFLS came together for the opening ceremony in the Etiquette Square.     
        Our lovely Mascots “Su-Su and Bei-Bei” of SFLS hand-carried the banner to get on the platform and witnessed the fine opening ceremony. This semester we have established our soccer teams at SFLS. There are five soccer teams among the three departments of SFLS. We have both boys’ and girls’ soccer teams in the elementary school, only one boys’ soccer team in the junior high school while both boys’ and girls’ soccer teams are established in the senior high school at SFLS.
        As the entire school applauded and warmly cheered, our junior high boys’ soccer team and the senior high girls’ soccer team members walked on stage wearing their new uniforms. Our young soccer players were full of youth spirit, exuberating with live energy that they showed their determination through their strong steps going up the platform. Their passion was revealed through their bright smiles and their real ability resonated through their loud slogans. They were unified with permanent faith in the team effort to win. We believe that the soccer teams of SFLS shall bring us their victory reports and add to the glory of Suzhou Foreign Language School! In addition to these, starting this semester every class of every grade shall organize a soccer team in SFLS. Each team shall design its own name, slogan, team flag and uniform. Intramural soccer matches of every grade shall take place on our school soccer field.
      After the announcement, Principal Cao gave the plaque to the primary soccer coach of SFLS teams in Mr. Yang Fan. This meant that the soccer training camp of SFLS has formerly begun! We anticipate many soccer sportsmen/sportswomen shall be born on our campus! Principal Cao gave the letter of appointment to coach Mr. Wu Jun and handed the SFLS school team flag to the captains of all our soccer teams. We hope that our teams shall create great records in the intervarsity competitions in the near future to fight for glory of our school!         
      After that, the most exciting moment in our current opening ceremony arrived. A 10 meters long model air ship slowly rose up in the air with the witness of every pair of eyes from the entire school mixed with excitement and anticipation. This implied that we are standing on an all new higher level during our 11th annual Science-Tech and Sports Fest to welcome even greater and stronger challenge!
      That air ship slowly flew from east to west over our Etiquette Square with all our eyes locked upon its flight. The air ship has carried their dreams. This moment all of them belonged to Science and Technology and SFLS was filled with Science and Technology!
      As the air ship slowly flew toward the main platform, Principal Cao handed a gold key into the hand of the chief planner of the current 11th annual Science-Tech & Sports Fest, our Vice Principal Mr. Zhou Guohai.
Then Principal Cao announced: The 11th annual Science-Tech & Sports Fest was formally started!
      Accompanying the passionate shouting of slogans for the 11th annual Science-Tech and Sports Fest, its main gate was opened for all of us. On and off the stage resounded loud applauds and cheers from everyone in our school at SFLS.        
      The activities during our current Science-Tech and Sports Fest will be rich and colorful. They are divided into three main categories in the Intelligence of Science and Technology Contests, IT skills Contests, and Sports Contests.     
      Intelligence of Science and Technology Contests: Golden Key Science-Technology contest, Creation of Art in Science Fictions contest, SFLS Star of 100 Ramifications contest, Water Soccer competition, Speed-race of Assembled Four-wheel vehicles, Grade-wise little theme contests, and Onsite Intelligence enhancement contests, etc.              
      IT Skills Contests: Typing on Computer Contest, Theme-Painting on Computer contest, LOGO Contest, Photography and Micro-filming Contest, Public Relations Film Making for SFLS Contest, etc.
      Sports Contests:  Chess Games Contests, Throwing Accuracy Contest, Relay of Iron Rings Rolling Contest, Intramural Soccer Teams contest, Basketball Teams Contest, etc. In addition, there are 13 types of activities of every grade in the school.         
      Innovation in Science shall be our unlimited search! Good health and strong bodies shall be the source of our progress!
      Now the main platform of our 11th annual Science-Tech and Sports Fest has been constructed, the curtain of the main events has been raised. Dear students of SFLS: Let us spread our sweat and guts on this great platform and fully develop our colorful glories!