2015 Spring Workshop for AP® Teachers and Administrators in China Got Started At Suzhou Foreign Language School

On the morning of March 7th, the 2015 Spring Workshop for AP® Teachers and Administrators in China got started at SFLS.
This Two-Days AP Training workshop is the first time ever held in the Jiangsu province by the American College Board, and is up to present time the largest AP training meeting in scope in China. More than 250 Chinese and foreign AP teachers and administrators from high schools all over China came to participate.     
The AP or Advanced Placement classes are preparatory for American colleges, and are provided by American College Board as basic college classes for superior high school students that are taught at high schools everywhere.
In order for freshman students to shorten their time spent in college and/or lessen their tuition cost, the AP Examination scores can be used to replace many credit hours in 3600 colleges in more than 40 countries today such as American or Canadian colleges. In the meantime, studying AP classes can help let the high school seniors easily transfer into college learning as well as living conditions. Many of our graduates from SFLS have already enjoyed early graduation from colleges. Some of them even earned two degrees in the four years college study time as a direct result.
At the present time, more than 300 regular high schools in China have started to offer AP classes such that close to 40,000 high school students are studying the AP classes while preparing for their application to colleges overseas.
As the host of the workshop this year, Principal Cao Lunhua spoke with fluent English to welcome all the participating teachers and administrators as well as the 10 experts from USA and wished a perfectly successful workshop to all. Since 2011 we have offered AP classes at SFLS to allow multiple choices for our senior high school students along with the long existing A-level classes from UK.
Every year we have some superior students getting excellent scores in the AP examinations. Last year our student Mr. Gao Zhao scored 5 perfect scores in the AP. Principal Cao pointed out that the salient features in the innovative AP classes are different from the single-minded teaching in the traditional classroom. The AP emphasis is on the application of integrated ability of a student. At SFLS we have stressed the combination of the traditional educational concepts in China with the educational concepts of AP classes in order to adapt to our students in the current teaching environment. Every AP teacher must pass the annual qualification tests. Then upon the recommendation by SFLS, the Center of Testing of the Ministry of Education in China has agreed with the US College Board to establish an AP testing center in Suzhou last year (2014) which has made it much more convenient for students in and around Suzhou city.
Dr. Wang Xiangbo, the President of the Asian District of the American College Board spoke at the opening ceremony said that all the experts who were invited to participate in the current Training workshop had been selected from more than 2000 expert educators. They all possess 20 to 30 years of teaching experience in AP classes, and have either independently written, co-authored or edited AP teaching material in the past as top level experts.
We sincerely hope that these experts will help our Chinese teachers of AP classes understand the various class contents in order to be able to help our students who will select taking the AP classes in all of China!
“Strengthen the Bilingual teaching ability of our teachers; making use of multiple teaching strategies to help develop the thinking ability and communication skills of our students.” We hope that this Training Conference shall help many of our teachers clearly define the directions of their efforts from now on. We believe that this international educational project will allow Chinese students more opportunity to enjoy high quality international college education in the near future.