The Fresh Start of a New Semester at SFLS in the New Year!

On March 2nd, the teachers and students at SFLS welcome in the new semester with great expectation and excitement. A fresh start!
Looking back, we have memories of precious experiences and bounteous harvest of great achievement; looking forward, we fully anticipate much more and have even better dreams for the future.
Our campus is again bursting with laughter in the beginning of another spring season; in the classrooms our new thoughts collide; our dream boats once more set sails from here.
How do we utilize our own formulas to welcome the first day of school on this fresh yet familiar campus at SFLS?  
Let us savor the glorious first day at school where our students and teachers paint the beautiful “Scribbling Wall” altogether.  
On the first day of school at SFLS, the students and teachers got together to use colorful spray paints on our “Scribbling Wall”. We have described the most beautiful campus from our hearts.
Those pleasing colors on the wall surface plus the flying characters and alphabets like dragons and phoenix birds made our campus in the new semester more “culturally artistic”.
The romantic streets, buildings and trees in the picture decorated with the eight languages in Chinese、English、French、Japanese、German、 Spanish、Russian、and Arabic fully displayed an international atmosphere.
Those scribbled words of: “Honor、Patience、Passion、 Responsibility、Independence、Courage、 Perseverance、 Self-Confidence、and Elegance” have implied the new requirement and new hopes by our students.  
Traveling Book bags Transferred with Love  
Today was not only the first day of school for our Special English Class First Grade students, but also is a day for reaping love.
Early in the morning our children received the traveling book bags carefully prepared by the class volunteer group of mothers---traveling book bags for the “Traveling Readers” activity of the class.
In every traveling book bag are filled with 4 or 5 books with a description for the loving activity. Those books all are bilingual with Chinese and English, and consist of classic stories and/or scientific knowledge. The acquisition of every single book was the result of careful strategic planning by the volunteer group mothers. Even the selection of those white book bags was out of careful planning, hoping that the children would scribble their own creative thoughts and/or pictures on them.
In order to allow the children to receive their book bags earlier and to start reading at the first instant, the volunteer group of mothers had started to plan by the end of last semester.
When everyone was busy preparing for the lunar Chinese New Year celebration, the volunteer mothers group was already running around preparing for this book-reading activity. Then when other families were immersed in the New Year’s lucky atmosphere, our volunteer mothers already began to put all the book bags together.
So when the children received their traveling book bags on the first day of school, their faces showed great surprise and blessedness. These little traveling book bags have carried the love and anticipations from the parents for our children. This love shall be transferred from children to children as they exchange them after reading them. It is as if they would transfer the warmth and the bright light from the sunshine.
In the Opening Ceremony, We Share Different Experiences of Our Winter Holiday

During the spring festival of the year of the Ram, our students of SFLS have never stopped their pace of “running” forward:
Our students from International Department III have traveled to UK for a study retreat, receiving the typical London culture.
Our two branch educational groups from Suzhou Cloud and from Shandong have separately continued their travels with love.
SFLS candidates who participated in the great math competition at Stanford University have earned the TOP 10 great honor!
Other SFLS competitors in the “China National Innovative Wisdom Conference (IWC)” have received the “2015 National Youth Milestone Award of the IWC”..........
They have called to other fellow students to enrich themselves, to show their best talents, to give their time and energy to others who need them and to strengthen their own studying lives.
Seven contestants from our Ladies Class of the International Department I traveled to participate in the International Youth Concert Piano Competition in Manhattan, New York. They competed with more than 200 superior contestants from all over US and displayed their talent in front of 6 established concert pianist judges. They showed their self-confidence and their concert piano playing skills and received excellent results.
Among the seven contestants from SFLS our Miss Xu Wennan of Ladies 6th grade class earned the highest monetary award and was invited to get onstage at the world famous “Carnegie Music Hall” to give her concert. What great honor!   
As we walk in the springtime steps, we have returned to the campus at SFLS. The spring wind seems to give us the “sound” of flowers blooming, giving us hopes with no limitation. So in this brand-new semester may we use our precious time, with our young energetic power, ever rising air of exploration, to pick the beautiful scenery of this new season!