Happy New Year of the Ram

As we have approached this fine Holiday, we wish everyone who love SFLS and are concerned of our welfare a Very Happy New Year of the Ram!
We have all come from different parts of China and have different local cultures, but we integrate our heart-felt wishes for a stronger and richer country with every citizen living in blessed and healthy environment, and we wish SFLS to get even better everyday.

This is how we’ve spent The First Day of the Year of the Ram:
On the first day of the Year of Ram, there was sunshine in the clear blue sky. The atmosphere on the campus of SFLS was very excited, inheriting from the beats of “Healthy Year”、“Happy Year” of 2014 (The Year of Horse), we all congregated on our campus with unlimited jovial celebration........
Early in the morning, Principal Cao Lunhua, Vice Principals Zhang Tong, Zhou Guohai, and Ji Jianfei, and the Deputy Party Executive Secretary Mr. Ye Wei plus several teachers from different departments of SFLS all came to the campus to celebrate the New Year of the Ram.
Principal Cao first gave a friendly wish for a Happy New Year to every member of the Security Team of SFLS. Then as the teachers and staff arrived one-by-one, the good wishes and friendly chatting got warmer and warmer.
Our General Affairs Department carefully prepared “Good Luck Tea” for everyone plus beautiful flowers and delicious fruits and dim sum, with the flavor of a good-year cheer all over...

 Let Us Chat Together from Our Hearts
As soon as we walked in the gate onto our campus the previous “little family” quickly turned into a “Big Family”.
Every one of the teachers and staff representing our Senior Department down through to the Early Childhood Education Center all showed up.
From Kindergarten up to Senior Department, the entire chain of teachers of International classes all came! General Affairs, Administration, Admissions, Financial department heads all came! They brought their SFLS babies and their families all came to give best wishes to our “Leaders” at SFLS as well as giving one another the best wishes.
While we all ate the fruits and dim sums and drank the “Good Luck Tea”, feeling the warmth in our hearts from the concerns of everyone in the big family, we just chatted about our happy experiences and greeted one another in a jovial atmosphere for the “New Spring”.

Let’s move our do the excise together!
We can only be blessed as we work hard with healthy bodies. It is another New Year such that we ought to get up and do a little exercise to be happy and healthy.
We can jump rope, kick the shuttlecock...anything that would make us happy while we move in the winter weather. We were supposed to grow up a year according to Chinese customs, but this way we could go back to our childhood again. The feeling is really superb!

Let’s release our good wishes with the Balloons
It is another new year now. Don’t you want to make a good new wish?
Come, let’s “write” our new year’s wish from our hearts into the air.
Let the big family come out into the front plaza of the school and let loose our “wishing balloons”! Although we are all part of SFLS, we are also part of our own department. Let us let go our good wishes to SFLS and to our own department---We wish everyone at SFLS to have peace and good luck in the year of the Ram, and may all our wishes come true!

This is the way we ate our dinner at New Year’s Eve:
The Good Omen Horse has concluded his busy year while the better omen Ram just did her makeup to get on the stage. After working for an entire year, the peopkle at SFLS went back to their long departed home country, return to their loved ones to enjoy the good times of reunion.

Remembering our Ancestors
We are grateful to our ancestors who gave us our lives! Let us make a few home-cooking dishes for our grandpa and grandma. Are you good people doing OK over there yonder?    
The pig’s head, chicken, and fish. We let our ancestors “eat” them first. Then we spread the table and share it together. This symbolizes another bountiful year and with something to keep (fish = more to keep) every year.

Daddy made fried sticky cake (sticky = “year” in sound), symbolizes promotion every year; mother made hot and spicy bean curd, meaning red (hot pepper) and fire-like (glorious) every year to come;
I made a whole basin of golden dumplings looking like gold ingots. The whole family is harmonious and happy together!

Although the family dinner for the three of us was quite simple, but every dish was made by hand, each of them was made with full of love.

We spent our New Year’s eve at my parents-in-law’s home. My life has a new addition of my husband and his parents. Newly weds together in the new year means blessings and happiness!

I went back to my home in North China and wrapped dumplings with my parents. Look at all the colorful reunion dumplings, plus delicious dishes on the table. Blessed family reunion! If you find a coin in your dumpling you are really lucky!

The “big annual dinner on New Year’s eve”, we boil the rice with water chestnut in it so that whoever finds water chestnut in his/her bowl has found the treasure, and would get a red package from Dad and Mum. Just look at the treasure we have found in our rice! Everyone got one!

On the day of New year’s eve, people in Taiwan would place their offerings to ancestors on the table with candles and incense to remember their ancestors and to “welcome home” with them. On the Island every family must stay home and “encircle the stove” together. Our teacher Mei Fangying and her children bow to all of you for a great new year!

The Manchu tribal and Mongolian tribal autonomous county Mulan Hunting Ground used to be visited annually by emperors Kangxi and Qianlong for hunting as well as for their summer vacations. We not only have huge grassy plains here, but also the New Year’s flavors in the winter.
On the 30th of the lunar 12th month in the morning, every family would stick the couplets on their front door frames;
then in the evening the whole family would get together for the New Year’s eve dinner; the special dish at the old “hunting ground” happens to be a Manchu fire pot with sour knout Chinese style with Pingquan lamb soup and baked cake from the hanging stove. After the dinner we’d wrap dumplings, which could only be eaten after we light our firecrackers at midnight. We’d accompany it with the salted garlic that we had made on the 8th day of the 12th month earlier. All this would complete our New Year’s celebration at the “Hunting Ground”.

 Happy Reunion
Bring your parents; bring your in-laws; bring all your uncles and aunts; let all of you enjoy a great new year’s eve dinner!

Anticipation with good Wishes  
The wife of an army officer is great in her anticipation and waiting. Your Dad and Mum, our baby and me are your strongest backup team. We anxiously wait for your timely return!

At the podiums in the classrooms at SFLS we freely do our teaching with self-pride! In our small families we are parents of our children or children of our parents. We have warm families, and we are blessed! Our little families together symbolize the big family of SFLS together with harmony and support. We combine to make SFLS an ever-improving big family!
We wish every person of SFLS the very best, whether you are part of us in the past, present or in the future. We wish you healthy, wealthy and lucky years ahead, every year with good surprises!