Admitted by Cambridge University!

【Note by the Editor】About 4 months ago, the CIE AS level test (taken in June, 2014) results were announced. Our new 12th grade level students in the International Department have continued to achieve new glory in those tests: what with the breakthrough of a “7A” student plus the high rate (%) of “4A” achievers in the four subjects of math, physics, chemistry, and economics, making all of us really happy for quite a long time.
At this time in the New Year, as we receive great news of our seniors getting admission notices from universities in both Europe and in America, these students of SFLS who have had a glorious past have again brought us happy surprises one after another.
A few days ago, Mr. Zhou Jingzhi from the AP3 class of our school has received notice of admission from the natural sciences curriculum of Cambridge University! Let us now get close to him and hear what he has to say: “I am merely a science and technology boy who loves physics, nothing special!” claimed Mr. Zhou Jingzhi. This 18-year-old boy in the AP3 class of SFLS appeared to be very calm and reserved upon our interview of him. He said, “It could be that this is the style of Cambridge University; they are looking for candidates who pay special attention to certain subjects.”  
Crazy about Physics
“Although I also like to study math and chemistry, my real interest is in physics,” He said. The major difference between International Department Senior at SFLS from other high schools is that a student can decide for himself which of the subjects he wishes to take in the senior year. The five CIE A-level subjects selected by Mr. Zhou were all in the science area: physics, math, advanced mathematics, chemistry, and economics.
Mr. Zhou had expressed great interest in physical phenomena as early as he was in the elementary school: “Why would water boil at 100 degrees Celsius?” He had expressed interest in every physical phenomenon in nature. He said, “The most important things in learning physics a person must possess are curiosity and passion.”  He plans to study physics all the way to the Ph.D. level.
During his senior high years, Mr. Zhou has shown his strong discipline in self study. In addition to completing the entire regular requirement in his classes, he has taken additional lessons in college physics and calculus. 
Usually he does not talk too much. But he prefers to discuss the academic questions with his teachers. When he began to come up with scientific terminologies, however, even his teachers often found it amazing in his knowledge and opinion about certain academic subjects.
Exciting Extracurricular Activities
“I am not too active in other school activities, but I like to work as a volunteer, and my school life is not at all boring.” In the past two years or more, he has insisted doing volunteer work in the dormitories and on the field for the annual school sports meet. He gets a good feeling in helping others even in some small things. Many of his classmates regard him as “big brother Zhou”. Whenever they run into difficulty in their studies they would come and ask him for help. With his peaceful nature and personable personality he has never refused. This way for the past two and a half years in his class he has always been a “Hero without a name.”
If you might regard him as a “bookworm”, you would be mistaken. He not only likes to explore and study, but also likes to share. The Lecture Hall at SFLS is his base. He has given some major lectures such as “Theory of Relativity in a narrow sense: Shrinking in size in relation to the expansion of time.” His humorous language and rich atmosphere of interaction has won the applause of every student.
Early Planning, Early Preparation, and Early Action
Early Planning, Early Preparation, and Early Action are the secret of Mr. Zhou Jingzhi in his success which he shares with us. “The Career Guidance Center (CGC) at SFLS has shown me the direction and gave me some real assistance,” Mr. Zhou said in retrospect, “Just in my personal statement alone, the guidance teacher had corrected it 7 times for me. Then there were numerous times of mock face-to-face interviews being held. Here I’d like to thank all the teachers and fellow students who have given me help.”
The director of CGC Ms. Chen said: “The fact that Mr. Zhou Jingzhi could achieve the conditional admission for Cambridge University is not merely a coincidence. In addition to being benefitted from the innovative curriculum subjects at SFLS plus the excellent quality of our teachers, there is his master of the knowledge in the special interest subjects and his integrated level of achievement in science and math that had won the recognition by the judges in the oral interview. “Mr. Zhou has done well in his studies. But he has always been very humble. He loves to help others and has a strong sense of responsibility in what he must accomplish. A superior student such as he, after more advanced studies in a world renowned university, ought to have a bright future,” said Ms. Chen.