Special SFLS Edition Expectations for Bright Future

“Superior quality, open attitude and reflection ability are the virtues for approaching perfection in a democratic education system. As if we were pilgrims, my team and I worked day in and day out for finding the direction of our future educational options.” Principal Cao Lunhua wrote this in the new book Expectations for Bright Future. As SFLS was celebrating her 20th anniversary, the team at SFLS used one year time, revised the manuscript several times and finally completed the book Expectations for Bright Future ---A practical report for the abundant wisdom in education at SFLS which could be construed as a heavy and serious “Gift Offering” for the anniversary celebration. This book has been selected by the national Library of People’s Educational Experts at the same time.
During the year of our 20th anniversary we had held a series of mind boggling academic, cultural and physical activities; and yet this book Expectations for Bright Future has just pinned the school spirit on the “lapel” of our anniversary cloak. The spirit and the philosophy of SFLS can best illustrate the quality of our school.
This book has summarized and displayed the philosophy, experience and special features in the 20 years of educational operation at SFLS. We have carefully researched our history and documents and kept the essentials. We made our effort in order to offer caring educational coworkers the medium for conceptual as well as action consideration in the future.
It has been said that it takes ten years to grind out a really good sword. Yet this book is the superior precipitation of 20 years of fruitful developments at SFLS. It is also the crystallization of collective wisdom from all the teachers and workers at SFLS in 20 years. You can observe the hardship in the development of the early days by our senior staff and can also witness the fighting spirit of our strong and great fellows in order to preserve the brand name of our school.
In order to make it readable, the authors have embedded the concepts and the methods into the typical examples and used the story telling style to illustrate the realization of the ideals at SFLS. In the process of writing this book, the members of our team have often met together to exchange ideas, discuss our findings, and even mentally collide to generate bright and beautiful flames of wisdom. The writing experience has been proven as an enjoyable journey in our lives.
Of course, this writing process has also become the rethinking and recognition of our past work in order to distill hope and expectation in the development of our future work at this school. “Abundant wisdom in education” seems to mean “abundantly harmonizes the world, while wisely makes all lives pleasant”. It has not only summarized the requirement for modern international citizens being nurtured by SFLS, but has also shaped the educational characteristics and the special quality in the international ranking and the great cultural vision of educational foundation for SFLS.
Besides the introduction and the summary in this book, there are six chapters altogether. “Abundantly harmonizes the world” includes three facets: accepting like the ocean while abundantly extracting all the good ideas, collecting and precipitating the Chinese heritage, and immersing and integrating it altogether. 
If one must talk about the “magic tricks” of SFLS, we might use two words: one is harmonizing while the second one is transform. We aim to harmonize the advanced educational concepts in the west with the traditional Chinese core of moral values handed down through the ages like the great rivers; we need to harmonize the multiple cultures in the world and management of schools; we must harmonize the educational school system with the private schools. “Transform” is the one main topic our school will never change. The perfection in our internationalized education chain with the continued appearance of every type of special classes, and even the initial formulation of ideas for the start of Girls’ classes to conform with and renew the old tradition of the Dongwu Girls School had all begun out of nothing and grew into something and had gone through the process of exploration into brand-new territory. Transform or change is not the goal; it is merely the method. It is based upon the concept of “providing the suitable soil for the growth and development of every student” which in turn can supply a rich menu with multiple dishes for them to select. “Wisely make all lives pleasant” includes three parts: purely clever, perfectly free, and blessedly happy.
Under the present condition of the Chinese education system from all sides, SFLS has raised the flag of “Elite Education”, not intending to just raise our own prestige and our status. The future world requires elite international citizens to lead so that we need to let our students receive nourishment in the elite educational environment to fully discover and develop their own hidden talents. Principal Cao Lunhua has raised the question in this book about the future of education. Indeed what should the future educational system looks like? What kind of sensitivity should the management people have? How can a teacher become a good teacher in the future? Should the students participate in the management of the school? If so, then how could they surpass themselves? What shall we end up with in the future of SFLS? We know that “Education is the future; to nurture talents for the future and to offer the children an even better future is our heavy duty responsibility as educators. We need to especially be concerned in our study for the type of talents we shall need in the future and in the new type of education we might provide for them.”
The Expectations for Bright Future by Principal Cao Lunhua is based upon his great cultural vision. He has brought up “to educate is to create”, and “to educate is to respect” type of pursuit for the core values. He has maintained that we must strive to explore and construct the modern educational model that would be able to face the requirement in the future.
Mr. Hong Weixiong, the consultant for the ministry of education in Singapore, has done the introduction for this book entitled: Dancing as the Dragon; flying high as the Eagle in which he recalled the past experience meeting and interacting with Principal Cao Lunhua and with SFLS. He was happy that the educational concept of Principal Cao was the same as his without ever even met each other before hand. He said that his mission when he was the Principal at Singapore Chinese High School turned out to be exactly the same as the mission of Principal Cao. As an old friend of SFLS, Mr. Hong is passionately concerned with how the radiation force of our “little universe” at SFLS is quietly making its influence and shaping the links urgently in need of push and change in the Chinese educational system.