Zhuyuan Campus Whole staff meeting

 Thursday, all foreign and Chinese teachers participated in a meeting on Zhuyuan campus to discuss a number of important topics.
Principal Yolanda started the meeting by formally introducing all the administrative staff and their roles, and thanking all the staff both foreign and Chinese for their hard work in the new semester. All this was ably translated by assistant principal Semi. Teachers were then reminded about the best ways to maintain a high standard of class delivery, cooperation and efficiency. The teachers were happy to hear their concerns addressed formally.
Afterwards, the meeting was broken into classroom team groups, where each teacher was allowed to discuss two things they were happy about with their classroom and two things they would like to improve.
Teachers were almost universal in mentioning that they had sound communication in the classroom, with coordinated approaches to classroom management and mutual support in that manner. The principals were extremely happy to hear about such effective cooperation between teachers. This means we will have a smooth and harmonious year ahead!
A number of teachers mentioned they would like to see improvement in their classroom management. James and Yolanda provided a number of suggestions, including utilizing differentiated instruction to engage all children and to teach, practice and reinforce routines to ensure all students know what they need to do. James and Yolanda pledged to provide ongoing support for teachers in this area.
Overall, the meeting was very successful, and served as a fantastic arena for discussion and communication. It was great to see all our teachers getting on so well at the start of the year!