SFLS has been formally rated and recognized as a progressively managed educational unit by a civilian organization in Jiangsu province

On October 27th, the Jiangsu Provincial Forum of Developmental Reform for Civilian Managed Education and Jiangsu Provincial Association of United Workers and Merchants for Civilian Managed Education opened the 5th annual Board of Directors Meeting in Wuxi.

The president of the China National Association of Civilian Managed Education, the Deputy Chief of Jiangsu provincial government, The Central Committee member of the Civilian Alliance, the Chairman of the Provincial Committee Mr. Cao Weixing, with the principal of SFLS, the Educational Supervisor and Inspector of Suzhou People’s government Mr. Cao Lunhua, etc., attended the board of directors meeting. The period of creating a special brand name for the provincial civilian managed education has already been entered. We are turning toward a new period of intrinsic development.

Facing new situation and new demand, every level and every kind of civilian managed educational schools must be innovative in creating new mechanism and new framework as well as new model for educating young people. They must raise the quality, emphasize their specialties, and head toward the intrinsic road of development in their educational programs. Our goal is to make our civilian managed education quality, quantity as well as its achievement level lead the nation of China.

This Board of Directors Meeting proposes to all workers and all schools of civilian managed education in our province at every level and of every kind:  Promote your understanding, Concentrate your effort and focus your attention; Deepen your reform and continue your innovation; Raise the quality of education and generate your special features; Standardize your management and educate with honesty; Insist on benefiting the public and serve the people of China.

This Board of Directors at this meeting also presented awards to several progressive schools such as SFLS. Our principal Cao Lunhua received the honorary certificate of “Progressive School of Jiangsu provincial Civilian Managed Education” from the deputy chief of Jiangsu provincial government Mr. Cao Weixing. Since turning the school from a public education system into civilian management more than 12 years ago, all of us at SFLS have continuously explored the path onto innovative and high quality education with special features, strongly benefitting to the public, and a road leading to a highly trustworthy brand name in the greater community.

The SFLS of today has already achieved the status of a model civilian managed school in the entire Jiangsu province. As a civilian managed school, our education quality, standard as well as its level of achievement now leads the rest of China. All of these could not have been so great if it hadn’t been the keen determination of our principal Cao for innovation, or without the support of our government at every level, or especially without the decisive and resolute initiatives of everyone here at SFLS.