The “Immersion in Confucianism-Dual Cultural Exchange” of the Visiting Students from the Nanqiao High School in Singapore to SFLS has come to a Most Satisfying Ending!

The true feelings that were shown at the Going Away party between the visiting students from Singapore Nanqiao High School and our students at SFLS were really moving.

Although the time they had spent was short, they have found good friends among the participants from both high schools. The 17 students and teachers from Singapore have reaped a full harvest after spending 10 days here through the “Immersion in Confucianism-Dual Cultural Exchange” program at SFLS.

Our teachers and staff at SFLS had prepared many cultural exchange activities for this trip by our visitors, including the history and culture of Suzhou, showing special features of Suzhou, visiting the Suzhou Museum, the Kunqu Opera Museum, and enjoying the Kunqu opera, etc. All of these have allowed the visiting students from Nanqiao High School to directly and visually appreciate the charm of our Venice in the Far East—Suzhou.

We had arranged enriched and colorful yet interesting classes on our campus.

From Chinese Marshall Arts to traditional Chinese foods, from Chinese calligraphy to auditing in classes, we had done everything possible to provide the students from Nanqiao High School the opportunity to learn and to gain practical experience.

When we watched those students copying the physical education teacher in combination boxing with their feet and fists moving to form, and watched them write blessing words on Xuanzhi paper with the Chinese brushes with happy faces, we were proud of the success in our cultural exchange program.

In order to let the visiting students from Nanqiao High School appreciate our classes at close range, we had arranged auditing in classes of their interest and had found a class companion for each visitor to help them become familiar with the lessons. This way when they obtained knowledge they have also gained valuable friendship which shall follow them even as they leave at the end of the visit!

Principal Cao had said earlier at the welcoming party for these visitors that since Nanqiao High School and SFLS are best friends, we believe that through our dual cultural exchange activities, students from both schools shall widen their vision and increase their knowledge while they find good friendship together. He said that the experience from this cultural exchange program shall be an important stop on the road for these students to become real talents in the future.