Ideal Kindergarten

Info Window:

  • Warmly celebrate Ideal Kindergarten in Suzhou High-tech Zone is rated as high quality kindergarten of Jiangsu province.
  • Warmly celebrate Ideal Kindergarten of SFLS obtains Basic Education Collective Creation Award in Suzhou High-tech Zone.
  • Recently we will start an activity --- Make our world much safer with two security stars Disney's Timon and Pumbaa. There are interesting test games, DVD animation about security, joyful songs as well as series of safety activities. Let the children become security models. Please come to join us!


Recipe for Ideal Kindergarten of SFLS
the 3rd week (Sept. 17 - Sept. 21)

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Breakfast Milk Soybean Milk Milk Tang Instant Drink soybean milk
  Soda Cracker Milk Crisp Biscuit Breakfast Biscuit Fragrant Yolk Crisp Biscuit Sesame Crisp Biscuit
Lunch Rice Millet& Rice Rice Rice  
  Braised Drumsticks Whitebait Sauted with Egg Oily Bean Curd Stuffed with Pork Curry Beef Pork Wonton
  Julienne Potatoes Sauted with Green Pepper Smoked Bean Curd Sauted with Cucumber Black Fungus Sauted with Pepper& Marrow Squash Sauted Chinese Greens with Sesame Steamed Pumpkin
  Chinese Cabbage and Oily Bean Curd Soup Pork Chops Stewed with White Gourd and Kelp Tomato and Egg Soup Mushroom & Toufu Soup Taihe Chicken Soup with Mushrooms & Turnip
Fruits Cantaloupe Banana Grape Apple Pear
Refreshments Steamed Bun with Vegetabel Stuffing Pumpkin & Oatmeal Porridge Chinese Potato Pancake Red Bean & Sweet Potato Porridge Steamed Bun Rolls with Chive & Small Shrimps