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Overview on Suzhou
Suzhou, an ancient city in Eastern China's Jiangsu Province, a major tourist city, features classic gardens and elegant natural scenery. The ancient city, rich in its natural and cultural resources, has been praised as "a paradise on earth" since ancient times. As the policy of reform and opening to the outside world goes further, the unprecedented changes in economy and society have taken place, and the unique advantages in economy and great potential of Suzhou are clearly shown. It has become an open city with a well developed economy, prosperous business, easy transportation and good communication with internationally close relations. It is also a great place for foreign investment with favorable conditions.

It is situated by the Taihu Lake in the Southern part of Jiangsu Province, in the Yangtze River Delta. With Shanghai to its East within 40 minutes train traveling time, or NanJing, the official capitol of Jiangsu Province within 2 hours to its West, and Zhejiang Province to its South, Suzhou has a well-developed transportation network and can be easily reached from all parts of China.

Situated at longitude 120 ° 36'E and latitude 31 ° 19'N, Suzhou falls into subtropical zone, with annual average temperature 16 ° C, annual average rainfall 1200mm, and sunshine over 2000 hours. The mild climate, enough sunshine and sufficient water resources make the farms surrounding Suzhou abundant in produce.