Biographical Information

Cao Lunhua:
senior English teacher, National excellent English teacher, “Outstanding Principal” (2004), Prestigious Principal (2005)
Teaching is an art with no regret, while the charm is in the pursuit of perfection
  Zhang Tong:
Vice principal ,Municipal Outstanding Chinese Teacher, Municipal Excellent Teacher
A school without love is like a poor plot which produces bad crops; students without characters are like lost minds that exert no inspiration. 
Zhou Guohai:
Municipal Outstanding English Teacher, Municipal Outstanding Head Teacher
Be honest and be hard-working.
  Ji Jianfei:
Principal’s Assistant District Outstanding Middle School Chinese Teacher,District Outstanding Moral Education Teacher  
Education is a talent cultivated and self-lifted career.
Tao Ni:
Provincial Excellent Teacher, Provincial Excellent Head Teacher, Municipal outstanding English Teacher
What’s beautiful is the unknown. A good teacher is able to find every students’ advantages and inspire their creativity.
  Hu Yongchen:
Provincial Excellent Head Teacher, Municipal Outstanding Teacher
I light every student’s heart with my love to make them righteous and profound.
Li Jiamei:
Municipal Outstanding Primary School English Teacher, Municipal Outstanding Teacher
Every child will grow up happily in tolerance and appreciation.
  Xu Hongying:
Municipal Outstanding Middle School Math Teacher
Wake up the students’ desire for knowledge, emphasize the building of Character, reinforce the power of emotion, to cultivate a well-developed citizen
Zhou Weidong:
Municipal Outstanding Natural Science Teacher
The world is a changing scenery, which can be appreciated with our hearts.
  Ye Wei:
Provincial Outstanding Excellent Teacher, District Outstand Middle School Chinese Teacher, Senior Middle School Chinese Teacher
Every day is a new day. I harvest every day.
Jiang Yongjie:
Outstanding New Teacher, Municipal Outstanding Head Teacher, Senior Middle School Math Teacher
A tiny development of a student is great joy to me and source of energy.
  Huang Qin:
Municipal Outstand Young Teacher, Senior Middle Math Teacher
Love your students and they will love back.
Zhou Yao:
Municipal Outstanding Teacher, Model kindergarten teacher
Let our sunshine warm the golden childhood. Let our love water those tiny hearts.

  Xu Wenhua:
District Outstanding Math Teacher, Municipal Outstanding Educator
Work hard and be good.
Hou Fangfang:
Municipal Outstanding Teacher, District Outstanding Primary School Chinese Teacher
Integration and perfection are my persuit in education.
  Shen Jianhua:
Municipal Outstanding Teacher
Every child is a genius.
Mao Fuming:
Municipal Outstanding Head Teacher
Give out my every tiny bit of heat and light.
  Xu Lu:
Municipal Outstand Head Teacher
Teach with heart.
He Yunshu:
Outstanding Tutor of Young Pioneer
Teach the method, learn to be creative.
  Jiang Qiujuan:
Municipal Outstanding Teacher
It’s great joy to see my students enthusiastic in my science class.
Cai Jie:
Municipal Outstanding Teacher
The mission of education is the discover the talent of every child, nurture it, and encourage it.
  Xue Jianfen:
Senior Middle School Chinese Teacher
Think about the future career of our students, and land the foundation of happiness of them.
Fu Fei:
District Outstanding Teacher
Those who fail are those who don’t do things with their hearts. Even the simplest thing
would be an obstacle for them.
  Name: Mike
Nationality: America
Education Background:Master Degree in Mathematic, Montana
State University
Working Position: CIE
Name: Kevin
Nationality: America
Degree: Bachelor
Working Position: International Class Four
  Name: Eugene
Nationality: America
Education Background: Master Degree in Chemistry, MIT
Working Position: CIE
Nationality: Singapore
Degree: Bachelor
Working Position:International