Good habits of keeping healthy:
1.To develop good habits of getting up and going to bed on time.
2.To reject sleeping bare-chested; sleeping bare-chested will easily cause diarrhea or bellyache because of the cold. In summer, sleeping bare-chested will also make the body absorbing more heat so that the sweat will quickly be evaporated. The body will fall to cool down by sweat evaporated.
3.To reject watching intense TV or ball game. Talking about the nostalgic, sad and fearful things will also be forbidden.
4.To reject eating too much at supper or eating before sleep in case the stomach will load too much.
5.To reject drinking strong tea or coffee in case the frequent micturition and mental excitement will affect the slept.

Enjoy a healthy breakfast
    Breakfast is most important for the day and please have it. It's said that rich breakfast can make people brighter and clever, the efficiency of learning and work can be improved as well. Having breakfast everyday can let you keep a good memory and not get fat easily.

Having 5 kinds of vegetables or fruits everyday

   National Cancer Institute, NCI and Project Hope together promote a peoples’ nutritional
program, 1991. According to the survey, Having vegetables and fruits can decrease the
possibility of getting cancer and heart stroke. So please get the vegetables and fruits close to
you or cut them into pieces for dim instead of having biscuits or snack.

Excise 30 minutes everyday 
    A lot of researches indicate that you can benefit a lot with 30 minutes everyday. It can prevent cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and hypochondria. And exercise can make you happy and confident some time. If you haven't exercised for a long time, you can start from the simplest exercise by walking 20~30 minutes a day and continue to do it, you'll benefit a lot.