Question :
   how to prevent ascariasis?
(1)Wash your hands before eating
(2)Don't drink unboiled water
(3)Eat clean vegetables and fruits
(4)Don’t bite nails and pencil head

   how to look after fever patients
   if a child does not exceed 38℃ temperature, usually we don’t advocate using antipyretic. Child just needs to drink more water and have a good caring. If the body temperature between 38 ℃ to 39 ℃, we can use physical cooling based on drinking more water, physical cooling also have a lot of methods, such as apply cold water to his head, put ice bag from the axilla to the groin, bath with warm water or alcohol, cold brine enema, and closely observe the child's temperature changes. Generally, after 15 to 30 minutes physical cooling, measure the body temperature again. If the temperature over 39 ℃ children will be in danger and can happen convulsions. This kind of circumstance, we have to follow the doctor's advice to take medicine, using antipyretic based on the active treatment. At the same time, don’t forger to use physical cooling.

   how to prevent a cold?
(1)strengthen physical exercise, enhanced physique
(2)always open the window for ventilation
(3)increase or decrease clothes along with the climate change
(4)don’t visit the patient house
(5)don’t go to the public places at flu season