Health Service

Being in good physical and mental health is critical to maintaining good academic standing and quality of life. Suzhou Foreign Language School is committed to helping students achieve optimal health and offers numerous confidential health and counselling services. We will provide students with a variety of health education and information materials, as well as health care professionals

Basic Service in the Medical Office:

  • 1. Provide medical care to students and teaching and administrative staff 24 hours without charging registration fees.
  • 2. Emergency cases and students who have caught a fever with temperature over 38 degrees Celsius should be immediately reported to the General Affairs Department. Head teachers must be informed of the situation so that they can contact students’ parents for referral.
  • 3. Actively carry out prevention and treatment of epidemics.
  • 4. Deliver materials and offer trainings concerning medical health to students and teaching and administrative staff without charge. Provide medical consultation and organize lectures on adolescent sanitation. Establish records of students’ health.