Where to live,what to eat

Living on-campus is a great way to become a part of the student community and enjoy a great lifestyle.

It's a chance to meet new friends and become involved in a variety of sporting, social and recreational activities organized just for you. This includes inter-halls sports, band night, singing competitions and off-campus trips.

It is extremely easy to get the access to facilities. Residents can also rely on support from the administration staff and head teachers.

Three-floors Dining hall, with a capacity of over 4000 people, may serve both Chinese dishes in the hall and western food on third floor. Our daily dishes vary day by day to avoid the surfeit brought by the same a la cart. All the food and beverage we supply is subject to strict inspection before diet. And we serve 3 meals in seven days most all the year.
We have a professional Cook group which are responsible for all back-office work, including weekly menu updated, new dished developed and daily three-meal cooked. Without them, our teachers and students could have no chance to be satisfied with the food supplied day by day. As well, there is a housekeeping team who also contribute as much as we can appreciate every day.
Now, every day, more than 3000 students have meals in the first-floor cafeteria and 300 staff enjoy there in free charge!