What to do

Concerts, world-renowned speakers and performances, and events that bring the community together: At SFLs, you’ll find a lot to do, regardless of the time of year and how much money is in your pocket. Did we mention we also have Cycling ClubChinese Martial Arts Club and Kunqu Opera Club?

The Second Stage Club
English Speech Club
Cartoon Club
Wall-E Club
Basketball Tribe (Boys)
Basketball Tribe (girls)
Cycling Club
Tennis Club
Chinese Martial Arts Club
Basketball Dunk Club
Idea Union Club
Dancing Club
Chinese Painting Club
Chinese Calligraphy Club
DIY Club
Photography Club
Chinese Zither Club
Music Club
Colouful Prints Club
Suzhou Gardens Studies Club
Gymnastics Club
History Club
Suzhou Dialect Club
Broadcast & Drama Club
Science Experiments Club
The World Heritage Club
Biology  Club
Football Club
The Voice of SFLS Club
Kunqu Opera Club

Go Football

SFLS Senior High's Football Club was established in 2011. Although it is still a young team with only one year's formation, its members are all full of vigor and hope. Let us find our passion in sweating on the football field. Let the sport become a connecting bridge among all of us! Let us young people run, for the honor of our school and ourselves .