International Students

Who are studying here?

The size of our school at SFLS is well over 3000 students which provides many fantastic advantages.
Students say that this means making friends easy, and the kinds of friends you make will last as long as you wish.
SFLS students come from all over China and from more than 20 countries around the world.The SFLS campus is alive with students from all over the world.

We welcome students from all over the world.

Our student population come from  different continents.
That makes us one of the most internationalized of all Chinese schools. Just imagine the cultural diversity that our campus can offer.

International Student Application Requirements

Procedure for Enrollment:
  • Come to the admission office to have questions answered.
  • Present your passport and supporting documents.
  • Fill in the form and take the test registration card.
  • Take the entrance examination punctually.
  • Receive Notice of Acceptance and pay all the fees on time.
  • Do medical examination in the appointed hospital.
  • Hand in the result of medical examination and register in the admission office.

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding international student admission to Fordham University, please contact:

Ms.Ke, Ms.Jiang, Ms.Liang 
Working time:Mon-Fri  7:30—17:00
Telephone:0512-68250177 68250377 6825636