Training of new teachers:

In order to make new teachers get familiar with our school’s management ideals and educational requirements, Human Resource Department would arrange collective training for them.

1. Training aims: after the training, new teachers should
(1) get acknowledged with our school’d educational concepts and vision of development, get familiar with the routine management and systems such as salary and welfare etc., and feel the sense of identity and mission.
(2) get acknowledged with the aims of management of moral education and teaching activities in SFLS and have a better understanding of teachers’ morality and responsibilities.
(3) set up the right faith; consolidate professional knowledge; get familiar with the related policy about adecation, teaching materials and methods; grasp basic teaching skills and adapt to the aducational needs.

2. Training forms
Lectures, symposiums and individuals’ report and display.

3. Who should attend
New teachers before the new school year.

4. Training contents
(1) the development of the school and the change of roles
(2) development and creation of the International Section
(3) routine teaching requirements
(4) the exchange of new teachers’ experience
(5) the art of headteachers’ work
(6) teachers’ ethics in the new era
(7) educational psychology

5. Assessment of the training
(1) attendance
(2) notes taken
(3) reporst by groups
(4) the assessment would be put into teachers’ proffessional files as the basis of evaluation and appointment