Application Instructions

Suzhou Foreign Language School Enrollment for 2012

Suzhou Foreign Language School was founded under the supervision of Education Department of Jiangsu Province in 1994, located in Suzhou New District, she is Suzhou’s unique foreign language school. As a member of the National Foreign Language School Committee, she has excellent teaching quality, and always ranks the forefront in Suzhou in the previous middle school graduation exams and college entrance examination. At the same time, junior school graduates can be admitted to Hwa Chong Institution in Singapore, studying the Cambridge international high school curriculum, enjoying full scholarship, and going to British and American brand-name universities. Over 90% of the high school graduates from the Class of Excellence are admitted to Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nanjing University and other key universities. Graduates of Cambridge International High School Course (CIE), United States University Course (AP), the Diplomatic Institute of International Cooperation projects (IPP), the United States Global Certification Course (GAC) are all admitted to famous universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

As the Affiliated School to Nanjing University and the Laboratory School of Beijing Foreign Studies University, our school fully relies on the academic authority and research institutions of the key universities throughout the country, holding high the concept of  “Highlighting Arts and Sciences, Protruding Foreign Languages, International Integration and Comprehensive Development”, constantly promoting SFLS to strive for excellence. High remarks come from the Ministry of Education, Provincial and Municipal Governments, and the public .

Under the leadership of Cao Lunhua, who is the special-class teacher of Jiangsu Province, famous principal of Suzhou city, Soochow University master's tutor, SFLC brought together a large number of highly educated, highly professional and highly dedicated teachers, including outstanding educators of Suzhou city and Jiangsu Province, outstanding headmasters and Double Top Teachers and Subject Leading Teachers ofSuzhou City. There are more than 30 foreign teachers teaching English and mathematics bilingual course. Full-time teachers are responsible for the teaching of German, Spanish, Korean, French, Japanese and other foreign languages. All the students can enjoy the pure English and excellent teaching.

Our school pays much attention to the international education of the students and establishes friendly exchanges with more than 10 institutions in the United States, Britain, Canada, Singapore and other countries. Regular extensive overseas education, student visits, exchanges of faculty, and resources sharing cooperation are provided to the students. A large number of advanced textbooks are brought in, and bilingual teaching in many subjects aim to improve students' language ability and at the same time to let students accept the truly international education. Every year SFLS also opens study class in the UK and Australia. In the Summer and Winter vacation, Language Village Camp activities are carried out home and abroad, which are deeply enjoyed by the parents and students.

In order to cultivate more comprehensive talents with foreign language specialty, approved by the education authorities, this year SFLS continues to enroll students home and abroad.

Details are followed
Enrollment Number:

Kindergarten: Small Experimental Class: 2 classes
Small International Class: 2 classes
Big International Class: 1 class

Primary-Year One: Experimental Class: 4 classes
International English Class: 2 classes
International Art Class: 1 class
Overseas Class: 1 class
Junior-Year Seven: Experimental Class: 5 classes
I International Class: 1 class
Senior-Year Ten: Class of Excellence(for free): 2 classes
Experimental Class: 1 class
A LEVEL Class: 2 classes
AP Class: 2 Classes

Registration formalities:
1, Students, in line with the conditions, please take the student residence booklet and two 1-inch bareheaded photos to my school Admission Application Apartment. Students from other cities or provinces can make calls or send letters.
2, After the students’ signing, SFLS will notify the admission test requirements.

Charge Standard: 
For details please refer to the School Enrollment Fees Implementation.

School Address: No. 201, Zhu Yuan Road, Suzhou New District, Jiangsu Province
Tel: 0512—68250177 68250377 87188118