1.Sino-American Program?

The Sino-American Program, since its first run in 2005, has followed the principles of education. From the elementary education, the program has brought in the high-quality education resources and evaluation system overseas in accordance the national primary education syllabus. The program also features an exciting interaction between Chinese and Western cultures, a perfect combination of Chinese and American courses, and a close communication between Chinese students and American teachers. The program strives to establish its unique schooling system, hence promoting the development of contemporary international education.
The Sino-American Program provides students with an English speaking environment and a diversified classroom, which fosters students’ physical, psychological and comprehensive development. The program stimulates the elite awareness, enhances a sense of social responsibility, emphasizes the development of students’ awareness of mutual understanding and sense of citizenship under an international circumstance, and actively fulfils their individual property as a "social being". As a result, students will develop into all-round talents who possess such qualities as a solid foundation of knowledge, innovative thinking, a great command of English, independence and self-confidence, and a good learner.
  2. Sino-American Program Education Targets?

Keywords: In English, Teamwork, National, Classic
In English: A great command of English language far above average, a master of the way of thinking in the English-speaking environment. The harmonious and balanced teaching system meets each student's personal needs.
Teamwork: Creation of a caring class, shaping students' sense of cooperation in the international competitive environment.
National: A combination of Western and Chinese cultures. The more national one culture is, the more universal. 
Classic: Training students to face the international society with confidence and positive attitude. 


After completion of domestic compulsory primary education, the program will add relevant courses with reference to the curriculums of Europe and the United States and other countries. In addition to Chinese and other compulsory primary courses prescribed by the state, the program will introduce suitable overseas textbooks, with bilingual teaching by professional foreign teachers. The program puts an emphasis on cultivating students' English speaking skills and the ability to think alternatively in two languages. Meanwhile because of a lack of knowledge and social practice, the program also requires students to develop skills in science, art, speech and sport. In order to add elegance and athletic skills to students’ development, the program sets piano as a mandatory course as a transition from Chinese education system to Western one. 
  4.A variety of extra-curricular activities?

Various extra-curricular activities are undoubtedly a highlight of this program. The program emphasizes the development of students' individual strengths as well as their overall qualities, and makes the most of the important role of the second classroom to educate students. The activities can not only foster students’ physical and mental development but also cultivate an all-round talent with great expertise.
Four festivals every year, are the happiest times for the children: Reading Festival, Foreign Language Festival, Science and Technology Sports Festival, and the Art Festival. The activities are interesting and able to help students strengthen their ability in every way.
In addition to attending the electives twice a week, students will also participate in the Super Star series of activities, such as the Super Speaker, Spelling Bee, Logo on the go! and so on.
Students in this program also participate in national, provincial and municipal levels of English speaking contests. A lot of them have won many awards.
Students will celebrate many meaningful festivals every year, including the Children's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Day and other traditional Chinese festivals, as well as the Western Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc..
Students also go out of the campus and into the social practice base, being an English tourist guide for foreigners, visiting high-tech experimental base to have an intimate contact with the high-tech.