Curriculum Overview


English Immersion, Diverse Courses
Different Culture Mixed, International View Developed                           

Chess Class   Embroidery Class   Chinese Class

English Programme

British life Experience, International friendship harvest
Chinese Culture Export, Western Culture Import                           

Have fun in horse riding   Mr.Cao is coming for us in England   Meeting the officers of Worcester

Social Experience

Outside Campus, A world of Social Practice
Better Ambitions, More Social Responsibilities                           

English-speaking guides in Lingering Garden   Competent Volunteers   A picture taken at the China Pavilion


Beautiful Singing, Lovely Music
Happy Childhood, Wonderful Times                           

 Piano solo   Latin dance 《Dynamic Beats》   Rap 《Foreigners sing Chinese nursery rhymes》


International Class Kids, Harvest Rich Fruits
Global Education, Achieve Good Results                           

Charisma Award for LangLang Pianist Trials   Yifei Tang is in the National Pop Kids English Competition Finals   Panxi Wang The Grand prize for CCTV “Star of Outlook” English Talent Competition Jiangsu Regional Final


Practice Your Ability, Develop Your Personality
Show Your Talent, Be a Sunshine Child.                           

Science Project   Our works   Enjoying sports