1& 2+2 Program profile A unique collaboration between Suzhou Foreign Language School and Beechen Cliff School, Bath, UK. Beechen Cliff is a high performing government school, located in the historic city of Bath, one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the UK. The school is rated as “outstanding” by the British government, the top rating given to only the very best schools. The school is a mix of older historic buildings and modern facilities. The school’s A level results are very good, with a particular strength in teaching of Mathematics and Science. Teaching will be in groups of about 15-18 students with British students. All students on the programme will have specialist extra tuition in English. Our two schools have joined together to provide a special programme for students who want to study UK A level courses so that they can go on to study at British or American universities. We call the programme 1&2+2, because students do the first and/or the second year of study in Suzhou, and then the next two years studying in the UK at Beechen Cliff School. The programme is an exclusive one, and is only open to students at Suzhou Foreign Language School. The subjects offered to study at A level are Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Economics. At Beechen Cliff students will be given specialist advice about which universities to choose, and how best to make applications. The school will arrange visits so that students can go and see universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London, before making the choices. Beechen Cliff has strong links with Bath University, one of the highest ranked universities in the UK for science, maths and engineering courses. The school’s record in helping students to get into the best universities is impressive. Last year 4 students gained places at Oxford and Cambridge, and many more to Britain’s top universities. If students are looking to study at an American university they will be given specialist advice on their different admission processes. The school is building brand new boarding accommodation for the students on this programme. The boarding house will be in the school grounds. Students will receive specialist care in the boarding house – a “house parent” will be resident in the boarding house, and there will be a team of other staff to help care for students on the programme, so that their time in Bath can be as happy and successful as possible. Each student in the programme will have his or her own room, with ensuite bathroom facilities. The rooms will have broadband internet connection. In the boarding house there will be communal facilities where programme students can relax together. Morning and evening meals will be provided in the boarding house, and lunch in the main school dining room. There will also be a special guardian appointed , someone who is not directly connected with the school, who will get to know all of the programme’s students and will be there to support any student experiencing difficulties. The guardian will also help with arrangements during school holiday times.