• Thinking        
  • Innovation     
  • Dream            
  • Responsibility

Spirit of Overseas Department                

Overseas Department of Suzhou Foreign Language School was set up in September, 2002.We recruit students from outside the mainland of China and organize classes for them under independent management from the main campus.

Over the past ten years, our department has been instituted on the teaching characteristics of focusing on foreign language study, while having strong foundations in Chinese learning, concentrating on the development of department characters, while blending with national and classical cultures, and has tailored an advanced curriculum for students to meet their future challenges.

We offer traditional activities and conduct our students to explore the cultural foundations of Wu city, organizing them to take sketches in Suzhou Gardens and make woodcuts according to scenes in Suzhou city.

Meanwhile, we build a featured education system under the blending of western cultures, to promote students’ overall abilities and to cultivate them into civilized national citizens with solid foundations and great elegant minds.

Curriculum Overview                             

Core Curriculum

#English: Longman New Parade+ Fun with English(Chinese English teacher)
                  New Concept English (ESL Teacher)

# Bilingual Science




Special Curriculum

# English Practice:English Corner+ English Club

#Art Training:Calligraphy+ Reading+ Urheen

#Physical Education:Taekwondo+ P.E. Activity+Swimming Training

Key Words of Cultivation                       

  • Our Overseas Department respects students’ culture customs, and pays much attention to their personality development. We pursue a joyful and harmonious teaching atmosphere to develop students’ intelligence and abilities. We offer various kinds of school activities and social practice chances to promote their overall abilities and to cultivate them into civilized national citizens with strong body, good learning foundation, great horizon and elegant mind.
  • Think Independently –To query and challenge bravely, to express their own special minds and analyze audaciously.
  • In innovation—Curiosity makes the creativity, everybody should have the mind of “be creative”.
  • Own Your Dreams—Dreams can light up your life; hold a dream, you can hold your future.
  • Sensitive about Responsibility—To respect parents, to learn how to be thankful; care about our social life, and to learn how to be a good person.


Our Campus Life                      
  • Traditional arts, to inherit great Chinese cultures.
  • Competition, to build perfect health.
  • Hand working, to breed inner beauty.
  • Engraving, to explore traditional Suzhou cultures.
  • Living science, to light colorful dreams.
  • Reading, to cultivate scholarly teens.
  • Communication, to experience Chinese and Western cultures.
  • Class teaching, to present diverse interaction.
  • Creative arts, to cultivate our minds and spirit.
  • Swimming training, to strengthen our minds.

      Urheen Training     

   Taekwondo Training 

           Art Training         

    English Training    

      Chinese Calligraphy 

       Reading Training    



    Other Physical Trainings 

  School Sports Day(Year 2011)

  Trip to Suzhou Museum(Year 2011)


Spring Out-going(Year 2011)


Halloween Party(Year 2011)

 Christmas Show(Year 2011)