Curriculum Overview

The senior high School in grades 10 to 12 encompasses girls and boys age 16 to 18, with students coming from a variety of junior schools as well as from our own 9th grade graduates.

Students follow a common curriculum which includes the following subjects: English, Chinese, Mathematics, History, Politics, Second Foreign language, Geography, Biology, PE, Chemistry, Physics, Music, Information Technology.

Small class size and personalized counselling. There are only 25-30 students in each class, providing individualized education for the students, so that every of them will be given particular assistance.
Advanced foreign language learning and internationalized talents. Unique Chiense and foreign courses and distinctive skills training are offered so as to fully develop students’ability to use the language.
Diverse activities and elite education mode. We hold and attend various significant activities home and abroad, promoting international exchanges and providing a platform for students to show their talents. All these contributed greatly to cultivation of students’personalities and minds.
Self-motivated management and a full set of service. Self-motivated management mode is adopted to encourage students to make the most of school time and  improve their academic performance. We attach great importance to students’ development of ideological quality, behavior and  independence awareness, which are of great significance for students’sustainable development.
An Olympic competition center. It was set up in 2008 to promote senior school teaching to a new stage. Every year nearly 50% of the contestants win numerous awards in Olympic competiotions at national and provincial levels.
A cradle for NCEE champions and birth place for students who want to attend best universities in the world. Since 2004, we are among the best in college entrance exam in Suzhou. 90% of Students from opportunity classes have been accepted by some dustinguished universities, to name a few, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Renmin University of China, Nanjing University , Jiao Tong University and the like. Zhou Liang, now a Beijing Universtity student, was the arts champion in Jiangsu in 2005.