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About the Senior Department
                                            — Its Features And Achievements

Founded in 2001, the senior department of Suzhou Foreign Language School is chaired by Mr. Cao Lunhua, an respected special-class English teacher, an established principal and also a master supervisor of Suzhou University. It has a group of talents, among whom there are a considerable number of special-class teachers and academic leaders, with a 60% of senior teachers.

The senior department of Suzhou Foreign Language School is a well-recognized academic institution distinctive for its small-class teaching and personalized counseling, which enables students to develop fully and healthily. An Olympic competition center was set up to promote senior school teaching to a new stage. We have won numerous awards in Olympic competiotion at national and provincial level. In 2012, Wang Xiaoyou won the first prize in Jiangsu physics competition and got the honor of entering university without sitting exams. She was admitted into Tsinghua University afterwards. Another typical example is Ni Zekung, who ranked first in IT competion and became a member of the provincial team, received an early acceptance response from Beijing University. With an established reputation for its international courses and advanced English teaching, the staff helps lay a solid English language foundation for students. Special attention is also attached to after school activities. Clubs and manual labor activities contribute a lot to raising students’ populace awareness as well as developing an independent work ethic, love of labor skills and work habits. These activities have a significant influence on students’ overall qualities compared with their peers, and most of them behave well in universities and are highly recognized.

The teaching quality of Suzhou Foreign language school has improved a lot based on its unique teaching style. Since 2004, we are among the best in college entrance exam in Suzhou. 90% of Students from opportunity classes have been accepted by some dustinguished universities, to name a few, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Renmin University of China, Nanjing University , Jiao Tong University and the like. Zhou Liang, now a Beijing Universtity student, was the arts champion in Jiangsu in 2005. In 2010 exam, the top three science students in the High-tech zone were all from our school. In 2011, our students ranked first in science and sencond in art in the High-tech zone. In 2012, 90% students went to colleges, which climbed to a record.