Curriculum Overview

It is one of the school missions to highlight foreign languages and emphasize both arts and science. Foreign language education in Junior Middle School Department of SFLS is highly characteristic because of multi-level teaching and comprehensive courses of listening, speaking, reading and writing such as Fun with English written in Jiangsu Province, New Concept English, newspapers reading, visual listening and daily English etc, so students in this section have comprehensive abilities and they often appear on the stages for different kinds of English speech contests.

In 2009, DSD project of SFLS was officially certificated by German Ministry of Education and only two schools in Jiangsu Province have had the honor. After the successful founding of German (Bilingual) classes, other bilingual classes such as Spanish, Japanese and French classes have been set up since 2010, which has provided students with more choices and demonstrated the feature of highlighting foreign languages in Junior Section.

Conforming to the international classes in Primary and Senior Section, IGCSE in Junior Middle School Department was founded in 2011. It is a kind of wise innovation in SFLS. The lessons in IGCSE classes focus on students’ creative abilities and broaden their interest and hobbies. Students can choose lessons freely on certain circumstances. Up to now, international teaching has run through all the sections from kindergarten to senior sections.