1. What’s the garden culture of the Ideal Kindergarten?
As the centre of “ Walk into the children’s world, catch on the children’s hearts, build up the love home”,we create everywhere’s talking, let every wall has the educational connotation—vivacity inside grace, dynamic inside exquisiteness. 
Children are maximum supported and satisfied with many kinds of requirement, and who on the basis of full-development of their  personalities totally have all round development.
For everybody ’s growing up and development, We offer much support and service. There are various featured activities such as kindergarten - based colorful festival. We put the children’s heath first , lay stress on the development of the
 kids’ emotion, cognition, habits and so on ,create the relaxed,happy, imaginal environment in order to promote everyone’s happy and healthy growth.  
2. How does Ideal kindergarten make the kindergarten - family cooperation?
Creating an open, harmonious and softly fragrant educational environment, we let every corner full of information, communicate with parents about job trends, make parents know kids’ life and study, and carry out various forms of 
cooperation activities, such as parents meeting, open day for parents, parent-child activities, lectures and so on. We also set up a "parent commune""parent Salon" and other special activities so that when we promote the quality of
family education’s guidance work, children’s growth together will be promoted .
3. How do we carry on children’s assessment?
We use multi-angle, multi-level evaluation for children, set up a lively electronic record, and store up situation of children' s learning, life, hobby, specialty, aspirations and so on.We attach importance to children' s interest, pay attention
 to the ability of the balanced development, and
lay stress on the trinity of harmonious interaction of teachers, parents and children. Let the tripartite people become the subject of children' s evaluation and promote children' s all-round, harmonious, healthy development.
4. The ideal kindergarten recruits international class, and does it also enroll experimental class?
The ideal kindergarten is the branch of affiliated kindergarten in Suzhou foreign language school, which is located in the Lixiang Cheng. Since it was established, the scientific concept of running school, diverse curriculum and 
excellent teachers team have won the parents’and the community's affirmation. Therefore,in the idea of standing on the social, serving parents and redounding upon society, more children will enjoy high quality education of refinement, 
diversification and internationalization from Suzhou foreign language school. We are recruiting children of international class, and at the same time recruit experimental class’children in order to meet the needs of parents in community.