Curriculum Overview


Our Curriculum:
Chinese Curriculum version and English Curriculum version are been instructed in Ideal kindergarten.
Chinese Curriculum version:
Our Chinese curriculum version pays more attention to children’s physical and mental harmonious developments.The course contents that are life-styled and recreative has three characteristics: Interesting, operational, individual,which will certainly help our children lay the foundation for their further Sustainable development while enjoying childhood life.
1.Three main activities are multiple festival activities,practical activity and competition activity.these main activity shall provide sufficient guidance for children to grow.
2. Five colorful festivals such as the Green Environment-protection Festival, the Cyan Wunong Festival, the Purple Wisdom Festival,the Blue Reading Festival and the Orange Sports Festival.All these festivals are Based on the Ideal Kindergarten itself and they will certainly promote the individual developments.
English Curriculum version:
Based on the English teaching material and textbooks published by Xinyi Press,some classical english songs, Nursery rhymes and Dramatized Stories are been taught as supplements.
Foreign teachers and Experienced teachers work together.They focus more on the interest of the english activities and oral ability.Through english activities,funny listening and dynamic games,children would learn english in a very natural circumstance.
As a language guidance,forgein teachers are more than educator,they are instrucor,leader and Inheritance of culture,and to be the very best friend of our children.