About us

Brief Introduction to the Experimental Primary School Classes
at Suzhou Foreign Language School

Cultivating Aim: 

Nurturing solid foundation, mental and physical health, elegant and gentle manners, Good combination of talents with ability, versatile international citizens with Chinese cultural roots.

Course features:

1.   Immersion of English language into classroom life, bilingual-teaching in every subject. English teaching penetrates the student life. We promote communication in English on campus;
Optimize educational materials,“3+1”New Standards, Fun with English,3L + English Newspaper; advanced bilingual teaching, starting from the second grade; Using Foss from USA, an American Science teaching material, and <<Living Science>> published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, both are adopted. Using a portion of subjects as breakthrough in the bilingual teaching effort. Some of the subjects, such as Science, Natural Sciences, Practical Work Training, Social Studies and IT have been taught through bilingual teaching.

2.   We are concerned about the development of each student’s individual character, and about the shaping up of each student’s mental health. We emphasize the cultivation of his/her individual character by providing a platform for his/her personal development. Our school has initiated Robotics, Ceramics, Embroidery, Calligraphy, etc. of nearly fifty elective classes being taught in our school; we emphasize mental health care services for our students, Psychological Counseling Room has been set up by professional psychology teachers. They offer growing guidance psychology classes and cultivate the students to form healthy mental character.

3.  Our students will learn and grow by participation in club activities. We truly implement quality education, and carry out new curriculum concepts. A lot of festivals have been held every year, such as Book Reading Thanksgiving festival, Bilingual Comedy Festival, Technology and Sports Festival, Art Festival, Sunny Sports time for one hour a day, soccer league contests and basketball league contests, Track & Field Sports Meet in the Autumn. Various enriched and colorful activities for each subject or on the basis of each grade are held. We provide the students with space and platform, allowing them to gain knowledge, to learn how to think, to improve their abilities, and learn how to cooperate and innovate.

4.   International blend in harmony, becoming an international citizen. Every Spring, our students in Grade Six travel to UK for a three months retreat class held by a British school, immersing themselves in English language for over one hundred days. During each Summer or Winter Vacation , the students may choose to take part in a Summer Camp or a Winter Camp overseas, enjoying exotic culture and communicate with the natives. Every semester, several groups of international exchange students would come to our school. They would study and live with our students using Chinese and English languages.