The Advanced Placement (AP) is a program created by the College Board offering college-level curriculum and examinations to high school students. Colleges often grant placement and credit to students who obtain high scores on the examinations. The AP curriculum for the various subjects is created for the College Board by a panel of experts and college-level educators in each subject. For a high school course to have the AP designation, the course must be audited by the College Board to ascertain it satisfies the AP curriculum. If the course is approved the school may use the AP designation and the course will be publicly listed on the AP Ledger.
The most taken AP exam in 2008 was AP United States History with 346,641 students, and the least taken was AP Italian Language and Culture with 1,930 students.

1. what is AP?

AP,short for Advanced Placement began in 1955. As a curricular close to college level, it is organized and directed by American college board. Consisted of 22 divisions and 37 subjects, AP is now commonly available in more than 15000 American high schools. It allows high school students to experience college curricular a head of time, avoiding the mechanical duplication between high school and college. Outstanding Students when they sit in AP, they have to make a choice among various classes, which in turn serve as a reference for excellent universities to know whether they are qualified for future majors.
  2. The advantages of AP curricular

Currently, there are near 3600 universities in more than 40 countries admitting AP sores as their admission reference. Famous ones as Harvard, Yell, as well as Peking and Qinghua universities are also in the list. AP course could also cut down education expense, shorten education schedule. As for Chinese students, particularly, they are not only able to save money but prepare for the first year in American college.

3. What does AP offer?

As is said above, AP consists of 22 subjects and 37 classes, which are different from each other according to the content of exam. The major subjects we are going to establish at Soochow foreign language school are: Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Physics B, Chemistry, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics. All subjects will be carried out in small class, based on original English text and taught by foreign teachers or bilingual teachers acknowledged by College Board.
  4. Exams on AP

The exams are carried out every five years and are composed by two sectioned: Multiple choices and open answers. The whole scores are 5 and students could get 1,2 3 or 5 points. Generally speaking, students whose scores are over 3(3 included) are able to change grade points in university, except for some famous universities which ask 4 or near 5 points. The aim of the test is to study college lessons before hand and thus save large sums of tuitions.