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An Introduction to IGCSE

the Purpose of IGCSE:

In September 2011, the first IGCSE Class for junior students was established in SFLS.  This course is the continuation of primary students’ International Class, which is the specially-designed cultivation plan. Students in the IGCSE Class will get junior middle school China’s domestic foundation courses, and at the same time, Chinese and English course are also offered. All the IGCSE Class courses pay attention to international high school course cohesion, and make sure that all the students truly become international inter-disciplinary talent with Chinese and Western cultural knowledge. 

Key Words of Cultivation:

 I — Independent 
        Help students develop independent thinking & independent learning ability;

G — Gentle 
         To cultivate students' gentle connotation;

C — Creative
         To cultivate students' creativity, and meet the students' individual character development;

S — Sagacious 
         To cultivate inter-disciplinary talents with knowledge of excellence & international visionary;

E — Enthusiastic
        To foster enthusiasm, integrity & zealous social quality.

Course Arrangement:

To get IGCSE Certificate, students are required to pass seven course examinations, including mathematics and English as the must. Cambridge IGCSE courses cover a wide range, which is beneficial for students to choose to study according to their own advantages. And in order to let students form a systematical knowledge frame of all areas, we provide parents and students more comprehensive curriculum and many IGCSE electives, aiming to cultivate students' innovative and practical abilities. Under the IGCSE system, offered the domestic secondary compulsory education curriculum with relevant Chinese course subjects, students can not only master English and Chinese, but also feel it more solid and more handy to study.

Course Characteristics:

Bring in Mini-IELTS Course --
       To let the students get familiar with IELTS Course in the junior period. The Mini-IELTS Course can lay a solid language foundation for students who plan to take IELTS test.

Improve English Literature Self-cultivation --
       Attention is paid to basic language abilities: listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the same time, English - literature course is added, hoping that students in junior middle school stage will have the chance to contact English literature and cultivate their English literary sentiment.

Special Minority Language Course --    
       Systematical learning of German makes the students master a third language to broaden the students' development prospect and make them more competitive.

Electives Covering Many Fields -- 
       Elective courses cover art, design, environment, tourism and other fields, training students' innovative and practical abilities.

Chinese and English Courses Supplement --
       The opening of Chinese courses corresponding to IGCSE compulsory courses and the cooperation of Chinese and foreign teachers make the students learn more solidly .