Junior high school

The junior high School in grades 7 to 9 encompasses girls and boys age 14 to 16, with students inevitably coming from a variety of elementary schools as well as from our own sixth grade graduates.


The SFLS junior high School is a great place to be! It aims to meet the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of the early adolescent. We pay special attention on instilling good work habits such as neat, tidy presentation and the ability to produce high-quality work at the first time of asking by the teacher.
Classroom routines and organization of seating arrangement provide opportunities for movement to join with interaction in small groups as well as opportunities to experiment and discuss and investigate stimulating points of view.
SFLS Middle School students will find English learning a great experience in their learning period and they are also involved in a variety of after school activities such as athletics, clubs and social events plus English composition, speech and vocabulary contests.


Students follow a common curriculum which includes the following subjects: English, Chinese, Mathematics, History, Second Foreign language, Geography, Biology, Art, Chemistry, Physics, Music, Information Technology.

Overseas class

Still we have one overseas class for every grade, being the sweet home of students from Taiwan, Korea, Japan and other regions and countries.