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The cradle to cultivate outstanding women

Following the law of education, according to girls’ physical and psychological development features, we combine with national compulsory education syllabus and introduce domestic and international high quality education resources to start our enlightenment education. Taking Madame Curie’s learning spirit as a guide, First Lady Song Qingling’s civilian feelings as an example, Margaret Thatcher's leadership as a model, we highlight the girls’ outstanding talent, strengthen their foreign language ability. We not only pay attention to the development of students' intelligence, but also lay more emphasis on training students' consciousness and behaviors with international civilized manners. We also meet the students' physical, psychological and comprehensive development, and make students obtain the all-round training and development. We devote our efforts to develop the girls who beautiful, wise, knowledgeable, stylish and versatile. Their basic characteristics are wisdom, love, etiquette, bravery and talent.

Course plans

Cultural internalization: Major in English (foreign teachers), Chinese, Maths, Science, etc.

Artistic edification: Focus on piano, dancing, taking fencing, Guzheng, Chess as elective courses.

Etiquette development: Chinese and Western etiquette, cooking nutrition, etc.
Assistant activities: Physical exercise and fitness, military training, social practice, etc.
Immerse experience: Study tour to Britain, international art exchange, etc.

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