About us

Solid foundation, Innovative thinking  
Excellent English, Firm confidence

Chinese and Western cultures encountered, Chinese and American courses mixed, Chinese and foreign students dialogize.
We’ve been trying hard to combine classes with the national curriculum for compulsory primary education, and bring in foreign high-quality education resources and evaluation system from elementary education.
Pure English environment and diverse courses are provided to meet the physical and psychological development of students.
Inspire students with the elite awareness, foster a sense of social responsibility, and cultivate the awareness of international mutual understanding. Stimulate the sense of responsibility as a citizen to actively practice “social” property.
Enable them to become life-long learners willing to learn and good at learning and international compound talents with noble manners who are friendly and cherish human peace.

American courses:
Taught by foreign teachers
(Math, Spelling, Phonics, Science, Health, Computer, Geography, Language Arts and so on.)
Chinese courses:
Taught by Chinese teachers
Chinese, Math, Piano, PE, Arts, Elective Subjects, Social Practice and so on

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