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Safety Regulations in PE Classes
  • The following regulations are formulated to ensure the smooth proceeding of PE classes, guarantee students’ having more exercise opportunities, and prevent accidents.
  • The school authorities must pay attentions to some students who are not suitable for taking exercises, and the Dept. of PE must be notified of those students. PE teachers should know something about their students’ health conditions.
  • Students must observe discipline and follow teachers’ instructions and arrangement of, say, formation.
  • Teachers should lead students to do enough warming-up exercises at the beginning of the classes and relaxation exercises at the end to prevent accidental injuries. For some events that may get students hurt, teachers must ponder on teaching methods that can protect both students and themselves.
  • Teachers should give students instructions on how they are supposed to act. Students must be cooperative and correct improper actions. During the sports meeting, students’ safety must be highlighted. Students must obey instructions and keep good formation. Students who do not observe discipline will be criticized to make them understand how serious the consequence can be if safety problems emerge.
  • Students should wear sports apparel in PE classes to prevent certain injuries. Teachers must educate students that they should not behave roughly in contests; rather, they should care about each other.
  • Pay attention to coordinate the relationship between teachers and students and that among students.
  • Teachers should do well from start to finish. They should not leave the class halfway. They should report cases of students’ injuries to the medical office so that emergency treatment can be conducted without any delay. The school authorities must be informed of the accident.
  • Teachers should warn students against dangerous actions during extra-curricular activities. Students who use sports apparatus should pay attention to the safety of both themselves and others who are around them.
  • Before classes teachers should check the safety conditions of the apparatus to prevent disasters. Students should also be taught to check the safety conditions of the apparatus when using it on trial.
  • When preparing for the classes, teachers should take several factors into consideration, say, students’ health conditions, and the like. During the classes, teachers should flexibly adapt their classes according to the weather conditions and students’ health conditions.