Desktop Emergency Guide

In order to maintain that high level of security on campus, the SFLS Police Department offers the following safety tips to help reduce your possibility of falling victim to crime. 

Be alert. Your safety depends mostly upon your own attitude and actions. Practice common sense and avoid putting yourself in a situation likely to make you a victim of crime. 

Report unusual activity. For police, fire or medical emergencies, you may contact by calling 110 from an on-campus phone or by calling 110 from any other phone. 

You may also use any of the blue light emergency call boxes throughout the campus. Simply push the button to be connected directly with the Oakland University Police Dispatch Operations Center. The campus community is encouraged to report all crimes and safety-related incidents to the Oakland University Police Department as quickly as possible. 

Use the buddy system. While on campus, use the “buddy” system. There is always safety in numbers, and at all times you should walk with someone, especially after dark. 

Stay in well-lit areas. During the evening hours, walk along illuminated pathways. These well-lit sidewalks are frequently patrolled 

Call for an escort. During fall and winter semesters, when the "Safewalk" program is in effect, call 110 and request a Student Cadet escort when walking alone at night. 

Park in well-lit areas. Always park in well-lit areas and lock your doors to discourage would-be thieves from breaking into your car. 

Keep valuables at home. If you live in University Housing, try to avoid bringing unnecessary valuables to campus. 

Always lock your doors. Whenever you leave your room for any reason, take the time to lock the door behind you. 

Be able to positively identify your belongings. You should make a list of all valuable items with model and serial numbers. A copy in your room and one left at home will make recovery of lost or stolen property much more likely. Items without serial numbers can be marked with an electric engraving tool, available for use . 

The officers of the SFLS Police Department patrol the campus buildings and sidewalks on foot and patrol the roadways and parking lots in marked patrol vehicles. Highly visible police cars and uniformed police officers deter most criminals; however, we cannot do it all. We rely on an informed public, one interested in becoming involved to deter crime and aid in the apprehension of criminals. 

If you practice the crime prevention tips mentioned above, there is a very good chance that you will not become the victim of a crime. With your help, we can continue to make Oakland University one of the safest communities.