Emergency Preparedness

Guiding principles

To cope with major safety accidents that bear the possibility of happening, effective measures must be taken. Disaster relief must be conducted in an efficient and orderly way so that the consequence and seriousness of the accident can be minimized, and the security of children and teaching and administrative staff and the safety of campus belongings can be guaranteed.

Categories of accidents and measures
  • Fire:People who detect the fire should try to extinguish the fire with apparatus available The fire was brought under control or put out report to head of the Dept. of General Affairs When the fire is beyond control, immediately call 119; one must help himself and others out of the disaster Report to head of the Dept. of General Affairs and other relevant leaders The Dept.of General Affairs report to headmaster in charge and headmaster, and cooperate with the firefighters to put out the fire.
  • Accidents in the canteen: Person involved or discoverer-----(Not in serious conditions) go to the medical office or the hospital nearby/(In serious conditions) go to the hospital nearby or call 120.-----Notify head teachers and relevant authorities-----Notify headmaster in charge------Notify head teachers, Headmaster’s Office, Deans’ Office and relevant authorities----Notify parents or family
  • Theft and robbery: Person involved or discoverer-----Stop it or protect the scene------(Minor error) Notify relevant head teachers or authorities----notify headmaster in charge and headmaster----call 110---- Notify relevant head teachers or authorities----Notify parents or family
  • Acute infectious disease: Quarantine (referral or further inspection) patient medical office Head teacher parents Sterilize the classroom and dorm Report to the disease control center(68091211) Notify leaders in charge
  • Scald:cut the clothing near the wound flush the wound with cold water for about 10 to 15 minutes go to the medical office go to hospital or not according to the school doctor’s opinions; Notify head teachers and leaders in charge
  • Unknown suspicious visitors: discover suspicious foreign personnel ask them politely ( 1) whether they are students’ parents ( 2) if not, find out the reason, and promptly notify the security guards so that they can ask those suspicious visitors out; ( 3) as for people who intentionally cause trouble, immediately inform security guards and leaders in charge; call 911 if necessary ( 4) as for outlaws, under the premise of securing students’ safety and personal security, carefully deal with the outlaws, notify security guards and call 110
  • Food poisoning: If symptoms of food poisoning appear: Rush the students to the medical office----go to hospital or not according to circumstances Notify head teachers and leaders in charge----report to headmaster in charge and headmaster If the number of students exceeds five, notify the district epidemic prevention station Keep samples and protect the scene where the food has been processed
  • Emergency evacuation: act in accordance with the contingency plans