Driving Directions


Where is SFLS ?

Suzhou Foreign Language School enjoys an urban rim land of quietness at less than half an hour from downtown Suzhou which is one of the most developed cities on the Yangtze River Delta with some of the most beautiful traditional or classic parks in the world plus well preserved cultural and historical scenic spots to rival the city of Venice in Italy. 
It is just 25 minutes away from Suzhou’s train station by car, and close to many popular tourist and recreational attractions in the charming city. From the Suzhou train station you may reach Shanghai in the East in 35 minutes or Nanjing in the West in less than two hours by fast trains. You can travel from the train station to our school by car, taxi or via the number 64 bus. Presently the No. 1 subway line can deliver you from the East end of the city quickly through downtown Suzhou to the front gate of our school even during busy traffic conditions above ground. 

Postal address:
Suzhou Foreign Language School
#201 ZhuYuan Road, SND
Suzhou, Jiangsu 215011
Phone: 86 512 87188118
Facsimile:  86 512 68255321