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       Borrowing Room: 8:00-17:00
       Reading Room:    8:00-20:00


The Rules in the Library

1.Show your library card when you need to borrow a book, and the book that you choose should be registered by the librarian before you take it out.
2.Do not bring in your own book into the library.
3.Take good care of the books, do not destroy the label and the code, and do not paint it or tear it because you need to pay for it If any damage is done to the book.
4.The middle school students are allowed to borrow two books for 15 days each time and two books for the primary school students. The teachers can borrow 8 books and 4 expired periodicals for 4 months, and the tapes for 6 months.
5.The reference books or precious books without copy can be referred to but can not be borrowed. Permission from the principal in charge is needed if there is a necessity, and the book can be kept for a week.
6.The library is open to the students in the midday, and is open to the teachers for all day. Borrowing books during the summer and winter vacation need to refer to the regulation.
7.Safely keep your library card, do not lend it to others. If you lost it, report the loss timely because during this period, you need to take responsibility for the books borrowed from the library by your card.
8.The students who are graduated or suspended or transferred and the teachers who are retired or transferred need to return the books before leaving the school, and the library card will be suspended later.
9.The librarians need to be passionate on the work, and serve whole-heartedly. The readers need to respect the librarians and obey the regulation.

The rules on the payment for the lost and damaged books
In order to preserve the wholeness of the books in the library, and to provide better service for the teachers and students, we make these rules for the payment for the lost and damaged books:
1) .The books in the library are the school public property. The readers should pay for the lost or damaged books or materials that are borrowed from the library.
2) .The lost books and materials are paid according to the following regulations:
1.Pay back a book with the same content, the same edition, the same price; if the price for the book now is lower than the previous one, you need to pay extra money; if the price is higher, the school will not pay you for the extra money.
2.You need to paid twice the money for a single book, and 3-5 times for precious painting books.
3.If the book is one of the full set of books, you need to pay 2-3 times the money of the full set. If the full set of the books are lost, you need to pay 2-3 times the money.
4.All the reference books are paid three times the money.
5.Theoretically, you need to pay the periodicals if you lost one piece of them; if the full set can not be bought, you need to pay the money for half year’ periodicals. If it’s a bound volume of periodicals, you need to pay 2-3 times the money of the periodicals for the year.
6.If a piece of newspaper is lost, you need to pay the money for a month’s newspaper; if it’s from a bound volume, you need to pay twice the money for the year.
3) .If the book is damaged ( scrapple, painting, tearing, or the attachments---illustrations, CD, etc, are missing), pay according to the following rules.
1.If the text or the illustration or the additional form can not be regained, pay for it as you pay for the book.
2.If the book can be fixed, the reader should get it fixed.
3.The missing of the attachments of the book including the insertions or the CD lead to the payment for the book.
4.The deliberate damage, concealing and lying about the loss lead to multiple payments.
4) .The reader should pay cash, and the school will give out the receipt note.
5) .All the readers need to obey this rule.

The Library Regulations

1.Keep the library quiet and clean for the sake of a good environment.
2.You need to dress up clean and tidy before you enter, and behave properly.
3.Help yourself with one piece of the newspapers and periodicals each time, and return them back to where they were.
4. Books in this room will not be borrowed, if you need a copy, write down the formality and return it within the day.
5.Take good care of the periodicals, do not write and scrapple on it. Damage on the books and chairs is totally forbidden.
6.The teacher on duty should write down the reading record, and educate the students to cultivate good habits in reading.

The rules for the management of audio and video materials

1.Order the audio and video materials in time to meet the needs of teaching, and register before they enter the library.
2.Specify the newly entered materials, and manage them in a scientific way.
3.Keep the materials out of the dust, water and fire.
4.The teachers can borrow the 6 boxes for 6 months each time.
5.The teachers need to return the materials before leaving the school.
6.Take good care of the materials, do not alter them.
7.If the materials are lost or damaged, pay twice the money for them. If the materials is from a set, you need to pay for the full set.