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Library Introduction

Suzhou Foreign Language School library was established in 1994 from Suzhou International Foreign Language Primary School library. After 15-years' development, the library has now grown into a comprehensive collection system with books, periodicals, and audio-video teaching materials.

1. A collection structure has taken shape.
The library has established book depositories for teachers and students as well as the primary school and a teachers-only material depository. It has a teachers' reading room and two students' reading rooms in order to keep up with the school's diversified and fast development needs.

2. A collection system has been improved gradually.
The library now has 60,000 physical books, among which there are 73 Marxism-Leninism books of 67 kinds, 1436 philosophy books of 1106 kinds, 48583 social science books of 33207, 7603 natural science books of 4220 kinds and 2337 general books of 1510 kinds. There are also 5729 back issues, 393 current issues and 4451 audio-video resources. The collection can meet basic teaching and learning needs of the school, and is providing better services to all faculties and students.

3. A rational classification system has been established with scientific management method.
(1) Integrate classification, cataloguing and lending with the help of computer management;(2) Standardize book classification. The library adopts the Chinese Library Classification method, with its education and literature subdivided into six levels, which makes book classification and positioning more reasonable. Key words labeling has also been regulated so that searching and retrieving will be more convenient.(3) Establish and improve library management systems and strive for better effect gradually.(4) Carry out open borrowing and class borrowing system. It is intended that everyone and each class has books to read, and teachers and students will share the joy in reading by reading the same books so that the whole school has a culture of reading.

4. SFLS Specialties
SFLS pays great attention to nurturing independent students who can learn and think for themselves, so SFLS graduates are all-round achievers with strong problem-solving abilities and practical experience. With this idea in mind, SFLS library follows an open management mode where self-borrow is applied: students will search for books from computer, check out and return them all by themselves. This will give students more freedom and room so that the library can be a wonderful place where the minds rest and the students find joy in reading.